Review request for HKJ [USB Power Devices]

Oh, let me look for one with an EU plug then.

EDIT: Here is one with the proper plug:

^ That should be purchasable where you live.

German is the closest Amazon store to me, but shipping is the same as the adapter. For know I have put it in my basket and it will have to wait until I need some more stuff from Amazon.

Any news regarding it?

Not yet, I have not needed anything else from Amazon yet.

I didnt get any response last time, so I will just quote myself :wink:

I do have a couple of power banks in queue, I may even drop some of them because they are getting a bit old.
I have bought one of these and hope I get it tested.

Sorry, I cannot do better, but I usual buy a bit more than I have time to test/review. :blush:

AliExpress, $US 4.88
Scary cheap

How about the strange shaped usb power monitor.


I have ordered the above two devices.
The usb supply will be reviewed, but at that price the most likely outcome is a couple of skulls . I hope the result will be better, but I doubt it.
I hope to get enough time to test the tester, it looks interesting.

Linking is hopeless, either I do raw html or I get errors or I answer my own posts, It looks like the above link works.

The problem is special characters like space, it is sometimes %20 and sometimes just a space, when doing links this often ends up in a non working result.

When doing raw html (Like in my reviews) there is no problem, but the editor tries to be smart and this do not work well together with me :smiley:

Asked GearBest staff about this strange “Nillkin Travel Power Adapter Dock”, as in the advertisement “Support 2.0A Quick Charge” is claimed.



If it is this one you mean:
It looks like the quick charge is only a reference to 2A current capabilities, not to any QC standard.

More Liitokala cheap chargers for review :slight_smile:

Qidian QD188.

8x18650 power bank with adjustable dc out. Does not come with batteries. The construction looks cheap as hell, but I’m interested how would it fare in your tests.

Or would it be too similar to the 6x18650 Qidian you tested earlier?

interested too... and i was about to provide the same link on aliexpress, but than i saw maukka had already provided everything

Got it today. First impressions are good. With 4x NCR18650B I got 40.5 Wh out of the DC output at 12V / 2A. That’s about 90% efficiency.

Oh... Lol... So you didn't wait his review...

I know you have quite an impressive equipment for testing color rendering, but I do not remember if you have an oscilloscope... Maybe yes, I recall some rigor stuff,too lazy now.... Sorry...

I was curious about the Vripple, on load, V drop etc...

Voltage drop

No load: 5.32V
0.5A: 5.26V
1.0A: 5.20V
1.5A: 5.16V
2.0A: 5.11V
2.5A: 5.07V
Shuts off above 2.7A

No load: 5.27V
0.5A: 5.16V
1.0A: 5.09V
1.5A: 5.04V
2.0A: 5.00V
Shuts off above 2.4A

DC 12V (voltage measured after bundled cable at a dc-adapter)
No load: 12.09V
0.5A: 12.02V
1.0A: 11.96V
2.0A: 11.84V
3.0A: 11.71V

No load: 5.09V
0.5A: 5.03V
1.0A: 4.94V
2.0A: 4.79V
3.0A: 4.65V

Couple pictures from the inside:

Nice THANK YOU. I see you were able the push out 35W at ~12V... Nice there.

I wonder how close can it get to The "Chinese specs" that claim 60W @12V? 80W @16V

And between 88 and 89.7W theoretically for the other voltages.... Hmm... Seems an impressive piece of kit.

Also did you manage to test other random custom voltages at no load or at load?

P. S. ... Nevermind , Sorry This post became strange asking too much... Don't worry thanks for the thorough infos you already provided.