Review request for HKJ [USB Power Devices]

I bought this one a few weeks back and was rather annoyed when I got it. Plug in my Nexus 6P, plug in my USB-C supply and it’ll show ~1.7A and wont “fast charge”. The phone realises something else is in line and doesn’t fast charge. Annoying.

I may look at them later, just know I have enough in queue

I doubt it, it is rather difficult to get ready made.

I have already reviews that usb charger, probably with another name on it.

I will think about it.

Review is nearly finished.


Converting any USB QC power source into an universal 5-20V power adapter:

I have looked at something like that before: Test of USB QC2-3-MTK-PE Trigger J7-t

One problem is that it can easily damage a normal usb device, because the output is a usb connector.

I have ordered one, if I get the time I will review it.

Great, thanks for your link and the review!

Found an powermeter similiar to YZXStudio, but even more advanced (lots of features, logs, calibration, graphs, etc.):

I already have that power meter on the way, but I will not promise anything about when I do a review.

Hello HKJ,

i found nice powerbanks and two interesting (wall) chargers:

The first power bank looks really nice, but I will take it a bit easy with ordering more stuff for review. I already have a lot of items on the way and in queue.

Hi HKJ, how about some 230V AC powerbanks?äte-Reiseladegerät-Smartphone/dp/B01LZMP0J2/äte-USB-iSmart-Smartphones/dp/B01N3V56YH/

I'm sure HKJ will review one if you send him one. I would :)
You always seem to come up with quite costly things...

These power banks are definitely on the expensive side, I must admit I would like one. I am not going to buy one this month and probably not next month either, I have way to much “junk” in queue and I have used a bit much money recently (Bench DMM’s and other test equipment are not cheap).
But when my current queue is running low I may return to that list again and maybe order one of them.

While browsing around, I came across some reviewers of USB-C cables and USB-C chargers, maybe they’ll be useful for reference:

reviews of USB-C stuff by Nathan K.

reviews of USB-C stuff by Benson Leung

and a Google spreadsheet summary of USB-C PD chargers and cables:

(if the above link doesn’t work, I got it from below:)

seems like the Apple 87w USB-C PD power adapter is the highest-wattage USB-C PD power supply listed at the moment

Currently a used Xtorm AL390 is available for 115€ (instead of 150€).

Hey, who can tell if these USB HUB designs are good?

ORICO 4 Port Bus Powered USB 3.0 Hub with Individual Power Switches and LEDs (W9PH4-U3-V1)

ORICO USB3.0 Transparent Desktop HUB (MH4U-U3)

There’s also a new AC powerbank arriving:

Hey, i’d find a new USB multimeter with integrated thermometer:

That looks exactly like the Prufen Smart Cable from last year’s KickStarter project. There is a slightly updated version of it with auto-timer off (I think that’s the main difference of the revised version released this year). I think it’s available only in Singapore or ordered online from there (I believe the creator is a Singaporean).

See here (video explains the features):

some news release info and documentation (Word):

Perhaps Mr. DodgeReviews would be able to source it and make a review… :wink:

That link is useful to read about it, but they do not sell it (Except if you need many).

BTW, regarding the item mentioned by angerdan:

I have that item. It’s not a QC2.0/3.0 converter, I think they term it as “QC2.0/3.0 trigger”.
If connected to a USB charger/adapter that only outputs 5v, then placing the trigger between the USB meter, it will only register the same 5v.

It only “triggers” QC2 or QC3 modes if the charger/adapter supports QC2/3. I tried it on a Mi PLM05ZM (Mi 20000mAh v2 power bank) and also a TronSmart W3PTA (so far those are my current chargers that support QC2/3). The left button on the picture changes between QC2 (5-9-12v) and QC3 (5-20v continuous?) mode. While the middle and right button is for “up” and “down” (if QC2, that triggers 5v -> 9v -> 12v; if QC3, I think it steps the voltage up/down). Since I only have 12v QuickCharge support for my 2 QC chargers, I haven’t tested the trigger for 20v (QC3 has 20v, but very few support it at the moment).

I saw a video by Mr. DodgeReviews of a QC2/3 converter which seems to actually convert the voltage from 5v to 9v to 12v (even when used with a regular USB charger that outputs only 5v), but it’s another item…


With the EAN you can find several dealers:

Yea, thats correct. It just requests another voltage if the power supply can deliver it.
In which video did you see the review?