“REVIEW”: RovyVon Aurora A8 UV – 350 Lumens – Nichia 219C – Keychain Light

If I understand your methodology correctly you are suggesting using the zwb2 filter to filter out everything BUT UV and still see if it excites the phosphor? Because the phosphor is also excited (primarily blue) by UV you need to cut everything that is not.


BTW, here’s transmission curve for polycarbonate:

According to it - PC doesn’t realy pass UV.

Here’s ZWB2:

Together there should be only small transmission around 400 nm. Is that enough to exite the phosphor? Maybe… or maybe the body is not PC or is some different type of PC?

Mine arrived today :slight_smile:

Here it is next to some AAA flashlights (top to bottom: Astrolux A01, Thrunite Ti3 (my EDC), Aurora A8, Sofirn C01, Manker E02). Diameter is same as Thrunite and Sofirn.

I like the UI (1 click for tactical, 2 cicks for moonlight then cycle L-M-H, 3 clicks for UV side light then cycle red-red flash-UV, 4 clicks for white/reading sidelight).

I got the Aurora because I wanted to try the white sidelight, as something I use on a desk without a diffuser.

Eheh, glad you like it :wink: It is a sweet little light :wink: How do you like the side (white) light ?! I’m carrying both the A5 and A8, love them :smiley:

It’s bright, I say that! I have only played a little with it, as it’s gone back in box until April (for my birthday!) :partying_face:

It is light-weight, and UI is good. Feels like a USB memory stick!

Yes polycarbonate blocks UV. That’s why it’s used to make sunglasses. Not a good material for a UV flashlight.

It’s appearing blue in some pictures because the camera’s UV filter isn’t filtering out all the UV, and the UV is being captured by the blue pixels. Same with infrared light.

Rovyvon’s build quality is actually quite good, and their designs are innovative. It’s a shame their website and manual do a terrible job of explaining the modes and levels. It’s so simple, right? What modes do the side emitters in the A8 UV have?

  1. UV
  2. Constant red
  3. Blinking red
  4. White/reading light

This is 4. Four.

Why the heck are there only 2 entries in the table:

  1. 365nm/1h
  2. 12Lm/3h

Not to mention the fact that the lumens/runtime specs are not available from them directly.

Hum, I hadn’t notice that the specs for the White LED were missing :person_facepalming:

You are right, the side white Led has no runtime on this table! Maybe it will be a little like the amber light? I don’t know if their level of battery consuming will be similar or not :zipper_mouth_face:

I guess I didn’t understand correctly your last sentence! What do you mean by not being available from them directly?
Maybe it is too early for my brain to understand :stuck_out_tongue:

G’d morning :smiley:

My bad phrasing, I knew it sounded weird. Most brands put their instruction manual online. If Rovyvon doesn’t want to, fine. But at the bare minimum they should state the lumen levels of the main emitter, somewhere. They only put it on the website for some models, and we’re forced to turn to reviews for such basic information.

Eheh, no problem :wink:
Hum, they have the information about the main emitter output in all of their lights (as far as I perceived) and now with the Nichia versions they also added the output with those emitters.
However, the side emitters don’t have references in the site (not about the lumens, but about the runtimes), only in the user manuals.

As example, both the A5R and the A8U have Red emitters, but they have very different outputs as shown in the images above

So yeah, maybe RovyVon could include that data in the site!!

WOW! Thats a deal-killer right there, I mean frankly how asinine is that? Especially at the price - glad I held out. SMH

Thanks for the review MascaratumB!

xevious - Interesting, mine has the exact same issue. I’ve tried to get a photo of it but the particle keeps moving around. I’ve decided to just keep it as is since it doesn’t appear to have much of an effect on the light.

Does anyone know if Rovyvon still has visible PWM? If so, is it bad?

I really want one of these but that would be a deal breaker.

I was hoping to review the latest release to see how it fares with PWM, but RovyVon hasn’t been responsive at all to my inquiries. I don’t see any recent reviews of their new model lights. Strange…

Zeroair has a review of the A3x :wink:

And here’s the copper one:

thanks, sounds better

for those who dont mind PWM, there is now a Low CRI (primary LED) version for half the price… Nitecore Tiki

and fwiw, these lights are moddable, scroll down this link for full Rovy teardown photos

Thanks! ZeroAir always has great reviews, lots of details. Wish I could figure out how to do those graphs. Bummer that PWM is still noticeable, but at least better than before. The more I use my A8 v1, the more I’m just so aware of the PWM because it’s non-existent in all my other lights. Just don’t get why they weren’t able to eliminate it altogether in this release. :person_facepalming:

The copper A3 looks very nice. I really like this body shape.

The new A8X should be available soon:


Has a larger battery, higher output, reduced PWM.

PWM is quite noticeable on the lower modes, and can even be seen on the third mode.

That review is of the earlier A8, not the latest A8x.

Battery Junction says the A8x will not be available until around Feb16.