“REVIEW”: RovyVon E300S – 2000 lumens – (Rect)Angle Light – 3*XPG3 [PIC HEAVY] - ***MODED WITH XP-L LED ***

Very nice work, MascaratumB! :+1:

After some recent lights purchases, I don’t need another EDC… but the E300S has been tugging at me. I like this form factor, especially the concept of being able to clip this to a shirt pocket and have forward facing light. I’m encouraged now that it comes with a Nichia 219C option. I like this emitter on the A8.

After the XM-L emitter swap, your beam tint became noticeably warmer. I think it’s worth the trade-off on reduced output, given the form factor of the light. Btw, I’m guessing you don’t see PWM, as I’d asked someone else about that—they could detect it on the A8 but not on the E300S.

Ya, nice work. Even though I’m a CW fan and going by your photos, your mod made for a nicer beam.

Thanks xevious :wink:
This is a very nice light! I guess that the unusual shape of it has a different appeal :wink:
The UI is also quite good (for my taste and despite some things I would change) and it is very well built!

I also think the beam improved (specially the tint and the absence of shift) despite it lost some throw capability! I don’t mind that :wink:
BTW, it was XP-L , not XML :slight_smile: Those would not fit at all under that optic :smiley:

Nop, no PWM. Here’s a gif from post #1 juts above the LEDs:

So it doesn’t do what the A8s do ! Fortunately :smiley:

Thanks Gebe! Hum, I guess that if it was a different type of CW emitter, like XPL-HI or some XP-G2, I wouldn’t change it. But XP-G3 produces that yellowish/greenish shift that annoys! So I guess this is a better one too :partying_face:

Sorry for my very late reply, MascaratumB . Somehow I didn’t catch the reply in my subscription list. I appreciate your response. I had ended up getting an Aurora A8, which I enjoy. However, the noticeable PWM at low levels has tended to annoy me. The effect isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but none of the other lights I own exhibit this effect… which makes it stand out more. I’m glad to hear the E300S doesn’t have visible PWM.

I’m wondering about the optic. Is it a 20mm size? There are a number of variations in optics available today and it’s interesting to consider an optic swap. The difficulty you faced in disassembly is a bit unsettling, though. Especially where that top seal is concerned. It does sound like it’s necessary to do it, though, to keep the pill from moving when rotating the outer bezel for access to the optic.

No problem at all, I’ve been absent as well, in someway!

I must be very non sensitive to the PWM of this light, as I don’t see it at all! Only through a lens/camera. I do know, though, that it must be annoying seeing all those flickers :zipper_mouth_face:
I guess RovyVon was working in non PWM (or less visible) versions, but I didn’t follow those developments so far . Maybe you can reach them and check for that in case you want the A8! I carry it everyday in the neck and use it sometimes, for short bursts or night mood.

Hum…good question, I can’t remember that exactly, but I guess it is larger than the regular triple Carclo optics. But I can’t be sure… Maybe tonight I can check the outer diameter approximately.

Yup, dismantling it and putting it back together was very stressful, specially as I am not very skilled at soldering and putting things back together as they were supposed to be (specially after putting new, thicker wires) :person_facepalming: )

The bezel as I have it now is not as good as it was supposed. I cannot remember the process exactly, but I guess to open it, it will have to rotate. That’s why the LED wires were broken.
It was a complicated “surgery” so I erased it a bit from my memory, I’m sorry :smiley:

In the end, it worthed it, though! I am not using it as much as I could, but I will soon :wink:

Well, you’re pretty responsive for someone who has been absent! :wink: Thanks. :beer:

I have been in touch with Ken—his operation is very small, so when you send a message to Customer Service, he answers. I’d asked him about the E300S optic, but he declined to say anything as he said opening it voids the warranty. I can understand, based on the complication you faced! Earlier when I reviewed the A8, he said they were working on a better PWM version of the Aurora, to be available in later 2019. While it does bug me a little, it’s not a deal breaker. I still enjoy the A8. The other evening I was in a rush while walking in Manhattan (NY) and there was a fair amount of sidewalk traffic. So I put my A8 into blue/red flashing mode as I lightly jogged down the pavement. And it worked — people cleared out of my way. :wink: It’s also a great strobe for getting attention when you need it. Plus, the red only strobe is useful as a supplement when cycling at night. Ken had also said he may be upgrading the battery… from 130 mAh to 230 mAh. That would be attractive. I’m hoping I can get one to review.

Thanks! What inspired me to ask is the wide range of Carclo triple optics available for reasonable prices. Based on the size of the light relative to the $2 USD bill, you’d think it would be similar in size to the FW3A, which is 23mm. I saw someone drill out the pegs to install trits… so one could do that with the E300S. But I’d want to have spares in case of accidents during the modification.

At least more than one person did this, so it’s a little more encouraging to try. Now that you went through it once, there are probably little nuances you’d be mindful of and the process would go easier. ZeroAir disassembled his as well. And reassembled it. I’m OK with soldering. I just don’t have a high quality soldering station… I do like the idea of putting in thicker wires, though.

Well, I’ve been reading threads, sometimes I just don’t have the time to answer :wink: But we all know how it is, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, he is responsive and always kind! And…I knew I’d void my warranty by doing this, still I risked as I wanted better tint than the XP-G3 could give (as the Nichias weren’t on sale back then… :person_facepalming: )

Ahah, and no one arrested you for using the blue/red :smiley: That’s a great tip, I guess I wouldn’t remember using it in those cases, only in emergeny, if needed.
I normally use only the regular modes and the white led on the side occasionally. Still, it is very useful and handy when needed :slight_smile:

And those would be excellent news, to increase the battery capacity :open_mouth: I hope they cam do it without increasing the flashlight diameter that much. Longer, yes, larger, no! My point!

Well, I’ve eye-measured and the E300s doesn’t use Carclo optics. Its optic is much larger than a Carclo 10511 (taken from the FW3A), as you can see in the photos.

The FW3A (left) and the E300s (right) are at the same height so you can see that the E300s is larger. Also, in the middle photo, you can see that the Carclo optic’s edge has a great margin to meet the edges if the E300s optic, even if it is under the bezel.

My mod was inspired by his and I actually used his tips to open, otherwise I would mess it even more seriously. Zeroair did a great review and provided very useful info on this light, which I appreciate and acknowledged in the review / mod :wink:

The thicker wires will only make it difficult for turning the pill and putting things back together. Maybe some thicker wires than the ones it has originally, but not so thick as the ones I used (20AWG, I guess) is better. So, 22 AWG may be enough, depending on the LEDs you’ll use.
Also, careful if you wanna use XPL-HD leds. I would not advise that due to the mode of the optic. XPl-HI would be ok, though :wink:

Only a problem if used in a moving vehicle. And I suppose a bicycle too, given how the police use mountain bikes in some cities where there’s a lot of vehicle congestion. :wink:

Ken had said he expects no increase in diameter. There does seem to be enough room inside, particularly if they find a way to reduce the circuit board a little further. I agree, a little length would be preferable to width. It would also be good if they came up with 2 clips, the standard and then another for brim use. The one currently included ends up bending too much if you brim mount it, and then it won’t clip snugly to a pocket.

Ah, bummer. Well, thanks a lot for checking! My hope is that the optic would be easily obtainable for not too crazy a price. I wonder if there’s enough depth to run GITD tape along the inside of the LED chamber.

Ah, didn’t know ZeroAir inspired you. Yes, he has some pretty nicely detailed reviews and the one on the E300S with disassembly was great. I figured a thicker wire is simply better for voltage pass-through. I wouldn’t bother to emitter swap, as the 219C option should be sufficient.

Very helpful review, thanks for posting it. I like this light - will be interested in the Nichia version, for the right price.

Oops, seems like I missed to reply these posts :person_facepalming: Sorry!

That would be good, not to make it bigger/larger (the Rovyvon Auroras)! It would be a nice add, some extra juice, despite the one it has is plenty for occasional EDC use!
I guess I never really used it in a cap for a while (I only use caps in summer, normally) so maybe I didn’t experince that! Another option would be to make the type of clips with such as the one use by Olight, Fenix, and other brands, two-way clip!

Well, the Carclo optics don’t fit, but in a photo above I showed a glowing light with GITD tape. It will fit well. Despite, you now have better solutions probably, in the sequence of what has been made after the FW3A, with the glowing gaskets and some mods with tritium as well. Still, this is what I did:

Yup, he did and I do like his reviews :wink: If it wasn’t him I would still have the the XP-G3! Eheh! Anyway, careful when opening it :wink:

Thanks mate! Hope it helped :wink:
I guess the Nichia will certainly have a better tint at least, although with less output! But it will always be a nice flashlight :wink:


BTW, for those who thought (and those who didn’t too :smiley: ) about using the E300s as an headlamp, here’s a thing :wink:
General headband (bought from Convoy)! Top :beer: :+1: :partying_face:

After 8 months or so with this light do you find yourself carrying it much?
I enjoy a light that breaks out of the typical cylinder design, wondering if you’ve found specific use scenarios where the shape and beam orientation have been beneficial.
Thanks for any info. I see these on sale and am still on the fence.

Hum, truth be said, I don’t carry it much nowadays because I am using it mostly as an headlamp, and I don’t need to use headlamps so often!
However, some weeks ago I used it as headlamp to fix some electrical things here at home (general power was turned OFF), and it was quite handy, floody beam, no artifacts and no shifts on the beam (after I put the XP-L Leds).

Also, when using with gloves, having the possibility to access (by double click or triple click on the side switch) a memorized level and/or a preset level is quite good on this light. Triple click for lumens is a setting I use quite often :wink:

And actually, this last weekend I missed it while I was working outside my parents home and needed my hands free to work; I didn’t have it with me, otherwise I would just clip it in my shirt’s pocket or in my belt (or even use it as headlamp, although I didn’t need a directed light). Instead I had to use my “neck light” the RovyVon Aurora A8U with the side White LED…

It’s shape and UI are definitely a plus for me. And that is one of the main reasons this light still stands out for me! Sometimes I’m afraid to carry it more because it is one of my most expensive lights :zipper_mouth_face:

I must also mention that the “silver” version stands out really well in the middle of so many black lights I have :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope this helps in your decision, but don’t blame me for some money spending :money_mouth_face:

I used a coupon code to get the Nichia version, and I like it a lot, except for the misaligned charging port that makes it somewhat difficult to plug in the charging cord. The only reason I haven’t yet carried the light is that I have had to cut the weight I carry on my commute to a minimum, due to arthritis issues. I will probably carry it in a jacket pocket at times, when the weather cools a bit here. I’m sure this light will also be very helpful at home in various tasks, power failures, etc.

Thanks for the info MascaratumB and NortherHarrier!
Not a typical light but it has a wide range of output so could be useful in many situations.
Illumn has a Labor Day sale going on and I’ve still got a few hours to think about it.

You’re welcome :wink:

And…did you bought it ? :smiley:
Versatility in this light will make your day, be sure :wink: