“REVIEW”: RovyVon S3 Black – 1x16340 - Triple – 1200 Lumens & High CRI (Nichia) – USB-C Rechargeable

I have sent three emails to Rovyvon customer service regarding the return of my S3Ti with no response. Go figure.

Check PM :beer:

I spoke with a Rovyvon representative and he advised me that a lockout mode will be added to future production of the S3.

That’s good news.

I like the S3 Ti, but agree that it turns on way too easily in the pocket. It’s more suited to carrying clipped to a belt than inside a pocket.

Haven’t heard of any RovyVon announced updates on the S3. Since they’ve made some rather dramatic UI changes in other models (for instance, the A28 G1 vs. G2), you’d think they’d reconsider and improve the UI in the S3.

But in the end, I find that unless it’s retooled for being able to support 18350, not all that interested. The 16340 form factor has been around for so long, the field is already quite saturated. And really, with a quality 14500 cell (AA form factor), you get more mAh in a notably thinner body.

Hum, even if it was converted into an 18350, I am not sure if other lights wouldn’t be better as well!
I still like the S3, I use it from time to time, but the bigger body and the UI are somewhat less appealing as an EDC light.
It still has some very good aspects, though. RovyVon makes good and innovative lights, and it is a reliable brand for me!

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