Review: Sky Ray 9xT6 - The King of HOT Rods?

Great review. Now I’m going to have to purchase it since it should easily outshine my Trustfire TR-J12.

very nice review, and ive been waiting for a review like this for the past 3 months.
ive been highly considering purchasing one but always past it up.
hay does this have more flood than the king?

Tonight when I get home from work I will post the reflector and other measurements since I just got a caliper.

And I will do a beam shot vs. The king for you.

Mine is NW though.

Just placed my order with Ric for one of these. Also ordered 3 X TrustFire Protected TF 26650 3.7V 5000mAh Li-ions from Manafont to go with it. The Trustfire batteries work so great in my J12, I see no reason they won’t perform just as well in this light.

only scared they are fakes and are not 5000mah as advertised. its about same price as king kongs raised cap 4000mah why not get them instead. ?

Manafont has been the place to purchase them from in the past. My original set of 3 were real and performed fantastic in my Trustfire TR-J12. The Trustfire 26650’s were never actually 5000mAh, but always tested from forum reports at 40000-43000mAh consistant. They are also protected cells, but I will look into the King Kong’s for my next purchase since they are getting good reviews. Thanks.

For Reference, below are the tests for the Trustfire 26650 cells as reported from members, Benckie and HKJ

That reflector is outrageous

its actually not that much bigger then mag 2D which is decent size.

any beam shots comparison to the skyray king pease :slight_smile:

Also interested in seeing this too since I own the king and been looking at the 9x for the while now, wondering if I should pull the trigger on it

First thing tomorrow morning I will post it.

Sorry guys!!

Updated with SKYRAY KING Beamshot comparison and caliper measurements.

Let me know of any other requests, & thanks for the kind words everyone!

The Skyray King is a pretty bright light, but the Skyray 9 really blasts it out of the water. I can’t wait to get mine, hopefully it’ll arrive next week.

YES I HAVE ANOTHER REQUEST :slight_smile: thanksw bud

some Beam shots comparison on the throwing distance compare with some of your thrower, i know its a flooder but it looks like the hotspot can have atleast a 250 yard throw ? dunno give it a go against the HD2010 or something :slight_smile: taping my fingers waiting for the shots hehehe

I have an HD2010.

I also have a Crelant 7G5 with collimator. I’ll do both since that’s my best thrower.

Great review!!! The run temp on this light is a deal breaker for me. I wonder if all multiply cree lights heat up similarly. I only have one multipe Cree light… The Trustfire TR-3T6…. Havent noticed any heat issues. But it isnt running near as many lights. I am also looking at the trustfire AK-47… It has 11 cree lites… I watch for temp on it. Sorry, went in a ramble there…again… Great review

More than just using the head to heat water for tea, this looks like some other severe heat issues.

The XM-L datasheet mentions max junction temp of 150C. The thermal path can’t be bad with the head heating so quickly. With the external temp pushing towards 100C after 30 seconds junction temp still has to be high. Accelerated aging of the LEDs is at least not dangerous.

The cells worry me more. The good news is they are reasonably insulated from the body temp. There’s some air gap between them with only a small surface area of shrink wrap actually in contact. The bad news is waste heat from internal resistance is based on the square of current - W = I^2 * R. A quick google just put me in the ballpark of 9-100 mOhm per cell. .027-.3Ohms for the three in series. With a 6A draw that’s .97 to 10.8 Watts of waste heat inside the cells. We can kind of ignore internal resistance heating in most cases but a 6A draw quadruples a 3A draw and is nine times a 2A draws heating. Again they’re pretty well insulated so that won’t spread that quickly once the light is off. The head will cool faster than the cells giving a possibly false impression. This certainly isn’t a light where I would even think about using cells that showed a higher than normal voltage sag under heavy load.

I be interested in some temperature measurements of the cells themselves after a run on max.

Hi FMCamaro, hope you don’t mind I post this in your thread.

Just received my Sky Ray 9xT6 from Ric today. Looks great and all was flawless as FMCamaro indicated in his review. Using 3 Trustfire TF-26650 5000mAh (43000mAh actual) fully charged to 4.20v, current reading on HIGH mode was exactly 3.68 amps. These trustfire batteries don’t sag much at all, no doubt why on high mode the amp draw seems low. I’ll take some beam shots tonight comparing it to my Trustfire TR-J12, Skyray King CW version, and perhaps my DRY.

Use thick wires for current measurement. You could test following, measure tailcapcurent then while you are measuring short the tips of the multimeter if the output of light increase your wires are to thin….hope you get what I mean.

The heat “issue” is only at warm temperatures, so if I now go out in the cold it gets warm but not hot. Wind and convection adds additional cooling. And at all you have think about that the power decreases continuously because we are using 4Ah Batteries for 6A so voltage drops every minute and this beast is not regulated…

If I put it in my living room with 73 degree Fahrenheit (23degree Celsius) and no wind it gets very hot very fast I have done this once and had to cool it with water…outside no problem.
Warm batteries are good because more powerful…

Werner is correct. You need stronger leads.

Ill re-take my own measurements on mine. The ones in my review were actually his.

I also need to go the outdoor shots like i promised @attitude.

With standard leads I get 3.x amps too.
I’ve done a quick walk outside and this thing is so bright I love it, normally you have a tight spot far away which is bright or you have a floods bright is in front of you, but with this you have everything bright.
No real heat at 30F outside temp. Just normal warm body, so sad that I have no temperature sensor which is suitable for this…
So now I have to charge my batts again, tomorrow there will be snow and with that reflective thing everywhere I will need sunglasses :smiley:

One thing happens often there is condensation on the middle of the glass, where the three LEDs are in the center….