[review] Sofirn SC21, 16340 mini-light with usb-C recharging!

It’s a whole “different language,” if you’re gonna click to step up in brightness, then press+hold for off becomes the natural thing to do. And that might feel “logical” for a light where you press+hold for on as well, starting on moonlight.

I prefer press+hold to ramp up, then double-press+hold to ramp down. Single click—off, single click—on. But I like the press-hold for on/off for EDC keychain lights, which easily thwarts accidental activation. Some use double-click on, like RovyVon, and it’s a bit annoying.

Narrator: It isn’t :smiley:

I did a bit of an LVP test. It got to where the LED was very dim, measured 2.45v, came back to 2.55V after 10 odd minutes. Popped it in a Mixboxer C8 which measured 707mAh after 2h27m charging.

Oh well, looked good on paper .

LH351*B* is much smaller die area than D, and this light definitely uses the later. C is right in-between and pretty much equivalent to a 219C in die size and output, so there’s no way the smaller B model would hit 1000lm. B/C/D doesn’t denote generations or tint like it would for Nichia, it’s more like XP-E/XP-G/XM-L options from Cree for example.

Not the best tint bin of 351D I’ve had, but also far from the worst! Seems to be more toward the 5000K end on my SC21 as well.

Has anyone been able to use ramping? I love this little light, but I’ve found ramping just impossible to use at lower levels.

Sofirn’s attempt at ramping sucks. There was talk of an Anduril version of the SC21, that’s probably what it’s going to take to get good ramping especially at lower levels.

Anduril would be nice indeed. Already have 2 and stepped mode works perfectly fine, so I’m out of the running for another one. But if they can get more usable ramping I’m all for it!

Btw, seems these are a mixed bag when it comes to unscrewing the bezel. 1 could be unscrewed relatively easy with bare hands (2700K), but the other one was impossible, even with thick latex gloves (4000K). Glue?

I can use it… for about 5sec, and then I switch back to stepped. :laughing:

I’m not a fan of ramping unless it’s done right.