Review: Sofirn SC21 Pro w LH351D 5000K

Music to my ears :slight_smile: Sofirn’s current batch of LH351Ds is way too green. Still waiting for 519As to arrive, but good to read they make a fine combo. Other than that, very nice little light.

Been using one with the clip and a diffuser clipped to a roll down curtain. Light enough that it doesn’t slide down. Makes a good story telling light that way (e.g. light coming from above instead of sideways). Good tail standing too.

PS, today I think the green host is best :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw. What is an opple?

Isn’t that a type of car?

Car is “Opel” I believe.
I “think” he meant “Apple” instead of Opple…. but be aware that is just a guess on my part. :wink:

Nice review, thank you.

Opple is the manufacturer of an inexpensive device to measure the color of a light, the Opple Light Master (III/Pro).

There is a own thread about the Opple Lightmaster


I have never seen an LH351D whose tint was not above the BBL. I buy for the host and UI, knowing the LED can be changed.

For anyone interested in learning to swap LEDs, Im willing to help. Here is a pictorial of the process.

I also have a Green SC21 Pro, w 519a dedome for sale here.

LOL, thanks for the comic relief, and the kind words :wink:

this is an Apple (I use it to plot the DUV from the Opple):

this is an Opple (it tells CCT, CRI Ra and Tint DUV:

and this is an Opal:

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And this is an Opel:

thanks… LOL
that Opel has great R9 CRI… rotfl

Swapped the 351D for a 4500K 519A i bought from Simon, and it’s a thing of beauty!
Still doubting to dedome it though

congrats on your LED upgrade Yokiamy. So glad you are enjoying your 519a

if you decide to dedome, here is what you can expect
first, the hotspot will become much smaller, (some domed and dedomed beam pics here) and less perfectly round, but the Tint duv moves lower, and gives a bit of strawberry color to the beam, that I enjoy.

here is the difference in color, domed then dedomed, for my 519a lights:
I EDC the dedomed 4500K (4th from left) from Simon

and here is a video showing a dedome process:

there is a layer of glass under the dome, sometimes bits of the dome remain adhered, but can be pushed off easily, without damaging the phosphor

Here is how dedoming affects Tint and CCT:

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Thank you, I stand corrected. :smiley: :beer:

+1… It sure is. OPEL :+1: :beer:

Thanks for the review. It was quite helpful and I have become interested in purchasing one. The information on button activation force was particularly helpful because I hardly find any information on it on reviews although there are huge variations in the button activation forces in lights.

One of the features I like in some of Anduril UI lights is the ability to check battery voltage while the light is off. For example, D4v2 or KR4 can be configured to show battery voltage when off by the colors of RGB AUX LEDs. In that regard, I wonder if the button LED in SC21 Pro be configured to reflect battery voltage. I see that it can display two colors, red and green. I think it would be nice if the button LED shows battery charge levels. Does the button LED change colors depending on battery voltage?

That is not possible. Anduril works with either a single color LED or with RGB LEDs. In this case it’s only the green LED, while the red LED is connected directly to the charging controller.

Thank you for the specific compliment, Im glad the button pressure info is helpful.

I check battery voltage by clicking 3 times from Off, in Advanced mode… The main LED then flashes out the voltage… repeatedly, until the button is pressed again. Very convenient, and suprisingly accurate (within 0.1V) compared to my DMM.

Thank you for that background info.

I find the built in charging works very well, and switches from Red to Green, when charging stops. I charge at my desk, so I can unplug the charge cord soon after charging finishes.

I suspect some people will want to charge unattended overnight. I do not recommend that. The battery is not the same kind as in our phones. I still only charge LiIon while Im present, never overnight while Im sleeping.

built in charger trivia:
The SC21 Pro can be turned on while plugged into the charge cable, even without a battery inside.

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Both need the same CC/CV charging system and rely on the charging controller to stop charging once finished. Even most cheap charging controllers will terminate correctly.

I agree, but that is not why I dont charge while sleeping.

Out of an Abundance of Caution, I only charge LiIon when I am present. I charge from the USB port on my Desktop computer, while I am at my desk.

I want to be awake if a LiIon goes into thermal runaway, and starts “Venting with Fire” before charging terminates.

Same here.

It’s the others that don’t fall in the ‘most’ category that I’m worried about :smiley: Although I’m not really too worried about Sofirn charging circuitry. There’s WAY worse out there.

Any output graph? I think a driver is just FET based.