Review / Test: Protected Trustfire 26650 5000 mAh Battery from Manafont

Should be no problem, I plan to run 2 to 3 of these in my TR-J12, 3 would be better for sharing the load and give around 2 hours of run time on high, the TR-J12 fairly suck,s the amps with two cell,s

Okay thanks. Will order 2 pcs. asap.

Remarkable how their Anodizing has improved since my TF C8.

This is what prompted my queston by the way...

xed888 wrote:

Are you guys saying that this torch shouldn't be used in a 2x18650 setup? Or just don't use crap cells in a 2x18650 setup?

ergotelis wrote:

Just don't use crap cells. But personally, i wouldn't use even good 2x18650, because the stress to the batteries is quite high, they might end up loose their performance much earlier.

Size:26mmx66mm for ICR26650E according to CNQG. I can confirm measurement from my two cells.

Over charger protection test

Data table

A graph showing when the pcb cut off.

Some pictures

The over charge protection works.

I'm going to do a 1 amp discharge test for comparison as there is a lot of people out there that have hobby chargers that can only discharge to a 1 amp and Ive seen a few discharge test at 1 amp, so i thought ill do one for comparison.

After that is there any other test people would like see done on this battery before i pull of the PCB (protection circuit) to see how many mosfets the PCB has and to see if there is any usable information written on the cell ? I do have some more coming so i will do some discharge testing on them as well.

If people are wondering how i come up with the above data table's and graph's i posted on this battery test, i data log using my icharger 106b+ connected to my computer for my battery tests, i use a program logVeiw V2.7.4* with icharger 106B+ with firmware v3.14 upgrade and then re-calibrated the charger's main charge lead's voltage and balancing port voltage.

I use this program for my data log,s and for the data charts i post

I use the data tables and graphs because i find it simple and think it would be easy for other people to read and the data tables includes charge time updated every 2 seconds, voltage, watts, energy, mAh, plus the data tables include induvidual cell voltage for up to 6 cells, internal temp of my charger, battery temperature, the chargers input voltage from the power supply and so on and i can not get all that information on one graph.

With the data tables i usually only include the end of the charge cycle then hit the print screen button on the key board while the logVeiw program is running and open on the screen of my computer, save the image in paint, then crop the image down with Microsoft picture it! then up load the image to photo bucket then post the image on the thread, the same process for uploading the graphs.

On data tables cut out things like battery and charger temperature and individual cell voltage if I'm only doing one cell at a time to test, data tables are my favorite but the graphs shows how well the cells hang on to there voltage while discharging.

I have also tested this battery, it was the version from DealExtreme.

1 amp discharge test



4523 mAh

Wow, benckie. That's actually the highest capacity I've seen on a 26650. Have you seen one higher?

Time to pull it apart.

I believe this is a genuine trustfire cell, all genuine trustfire lights and batteries i have brought have a TR description or part number on the driver or PCB.

The protection circuit has 2 mosefts witch is good, cheap or knock off clone batteries have one and can not handle 3 amp current draw, i have brought clone trustfire flame 18650,s from DX, ebay with one mosfet that trip under load.

The cell has nothing printed on it no markings or labels what so ever on it.

I have 3 more coming i will test them when they get here to get a broader range of information on these and to see if they all test similar to each other.

No i have not seen higher at 1 amp. I belive with out the protection PCB they will test even higher.

I'm running another 1 amp discharge test with out the protection PCB and it looks like its going to pull more then 4513 mAh.

Wow. It will be good to see confirmation of capacity when you get the 3 additional cells from Manafont. Now if we can just count on them consistently selling these same ones in the future....

If they stay like the trustfire flame 2400 mAh 18650,s ive brought and tested (around 18 or so now just from manafont over the last 9 to 10 months) as they are all around 2400 to 2500 mAh give or take, ill be happy.

1 amp discharge test with the battery protection removed.

4567 mAh

Unprotected at 3A?

I'm wondering about sag under 3A load without protection. Should be much better than protected.

Thats my next test as i would like to compare the curve and knee with and with out protection on the 3 amp discharge.

3 amp discharge test with the protection PCB removed.

4.14 volt to 2.5 volt.

4517 mAh

5 amp discharge test with the protection PCB removed.

4.17 volt to 2.5 volt.

4533 mAh

There is little gain in discharging from 2.75 to 2.5 volt (47 mAh). So i conclude the Maxim discharge for this cell is 2.75 volt.

Unlike other cheap cells Ive tested with the PCB protection removed there is normally more of a gain in mAh, there is basically only a slight gain in mAh with the protection PCB removed and the graphs are basically the same, so i conclude the protection on this cell works well and is efficient for a cheap cell.

Ive also noted there is little to no loss in mAh between charging at 1 amp to 1.5 amps on this cell. I conclude this cell is 100% genuine and for the price VS mAh with the added bonus of the built in PCB protection circuit, i give it the thumb,s up.

It tested better then any other protected 26650 cell Ive seen sofar and better then some other unprotected cell's and matched the king kong's in 1 amp discharge and tested higher then the king kong's in the 3 amp discharge test and the 5 amp discharge test.

Thanks again, benckie, fantastic review as always. I'm going to update the 26650 thread to make note of this performance.

Updated post #44 with a 5 amp discharge test.

But INR King Kong's little better hold voltage. ICR King Kong's hold voltage same as Trustfire.