Review / Test: Protected Trustfire 26650 5000 mAh Battery from Manafont

If you going from the graph's along you need to take a few things into account.

I used square graphs with smaller spacing for the voltage and mAh so this will show more of a curve and less of a knee to mitro's graphs IMHO.

Mitro use larger spacing in the voltage and mAh and a rectangle graph this will show less of a curve and more of a knee in the graph's then mine IMHO.

I own king kong's ICR's and have ran my own testing, i never posted my results as there has been a lot of testing on these cells and a lot of data already posted, i can say this trustfire performs the same or better between 1 to 5 amps discharging with voltage and mAh.

Also the protection Ad's length and it will drain some power out of the cell while discharging. But at the end of the day the battery with the most capacity (mAh) will give the most run time.

To me these protected trusfire 26650 cells are awesome the test speak for them selfs, the protection worked and they can be used in series with out adding magnets, great for cheap cell IMHO

As I've already said in this post I have 3 more coming and last night I ordered 1 more for a friend that is getting sent to me to test before handing it over. So including the cell I've already tested I'll be able to test 5 cell's in total giving a good basis of cell performance from the cells ordered at different times from the same seller. I'll post my results with order and received dates as they get here. Testing 5 cells should give us a good broad test, much better then testing one or two cells.

Hey Benchie, thanks for recommending these cells. They arrived today and work great in my Fancyfire HD-2010 and JM07 Pro White.

No problem Richie.

Date ordered: 04/23/12 Date dispatched: 04/24/12 Date received: 5/17/12

Cell voltage out of bag

Cell #1 3.90 volt

Cell #2 3.87 volt

Cell #3 3.82 volt

Charging now I'm going to charge them at 1.5 amp then discharge to 2.75 volt at 3 amp to mimic the test done on the opening post on this thread.

I can confirm again these do work in multi cell lights with out adding magnets or blobs of solder

Cell 1 first cycle discharged from 4.15 volt to 2.75 volt @ 3 amp.

4119 mAh

I did use the cell for a couple quick tail cap test before discharge, but it is still in the ball park with the king kongs discharged @ 3 amp.

Cell 2 first cycle discharged from 4.16 volt to 2.75 volt @ 3 amp.

4230 mAh

Cell 3 first cycle discharged from 4.16 volt to 2.75 volt @ 3 amp.

4133 mAh

I was expecting approx 100 to 200 more mAh from these batteries test, it is there first cycle they will pick up a little after a few more uses and they still are par with the king kongs discharged @ 3 amp. The protection seams to be working on all three cells.

I have one more cell coming ordered after the three i just tested when it gets here ill test it as well and post my results and i might randomly test one of these 3 cells again later to see if it picks up or if charged to 4.2 volt i can get a bit more mAh out of it.

I found this 3 x 26650 battery holder to be handy for storage and could be useful for a charging cradle or custom power supply for DIY projects. i like the fact they lock together.

I has bought two of these from Manafont and including them in my test.

Thanks HKJ i enjoy your battery testing. It looks like the manafont ones give slightly more mAh and some of my testing is close to your results, but with less and more general info.

Keep up the good work HKJ and i apreciate your time and effort as i know battery testing chews up a lot of time.

I have another new manafont one here ready for testing im just so bussy this weekend i will test it early next week and post my results, inwill test others i order in the future.

Thanks for the tests and reviews……….

Yours truly,

Ive got another one here for over a week just have not had the time to test it, we had bad storms here and only just got power back on, but looks like it will be knocked out again tonight.


Just a quick question, from your tests it looks like the max current these protected cells will pump out is 6.43A?


Got 2 pcs from Manafont recently.
One was DOA, other gave me 3923mAh
From 4.20 -> 2.70V @ 1A discharge rate.

Do you think it is legit?

Amazon lists these cells Here for $19.25 for a pair plus $4.49 shipping.


Ordered one from Manafont 09/05/12. Recieved 09/26/12.
3.90 Volt out of bag, no holographic sticker, ~95 grams
Protection stops charging at 4.20V. Protection works if drain > 7A. Low voltage protection not tested. Left overnight went form 2.75V to 3.00V. Don’t have equipment to test capacity.
While I was waiting for TR-005 charger, I was charging it with mobile phone charger @0.52A and it took ~12 hours. Now with TR-005 it’s 4-6 hours.

Did you get the low voltage protection tested? I ran the TF 26650 until it was “very dim” (not on purpose, a hurricane hit and I couldn’t get to the light to turn it off) in a UF W-878 (approx 2 to 3 hours on high), a day or two later when I put it on my 2amp charger it read 2.98v and started to charge. A few hours later it overheated and vented :frowning:

Just wondering what the cut off voltage of the protection you tested was, because mine didn’t seem to work.

-Jamie M.

It looks like the Manafont website is no longer in business?
Go Daddy has the website up for grabs