Review: ThruNite TN31 (XM-L U2 | 3 x 18650)


87200 lux = 590 meters

WOW,lux numbers are pretty suprising,this light is a BEAST! thanks for the review and I only have one request,OUTDOOR BEAMSHOTS PLEASE! BTW,I like the integrating pipe that's one heck of a cool concept.

Thanks for the review turbo!

It's nice but waaaaaay too expensive a torch for me.

Thanks for the pics & beamshots!

Thx guys, runtime on RL3100 now added. In addition to great throw, it's also got great regulation.

I'll definitely try getting some outdoor shots and a video as soon as the weather clears up here.

They already have the beam intensity in their specs: 75kcd (75000cd), which means "75000 lux @1m calculated", however kcd is the proper unit for that. (see here).

Really measuring @ 1m is a bad thing to do and calculating throw from that gives quite inaccurate results.

75kcd give 550m of NEMA throw, which is a somewhat optimistic value, half of that might be a more realistic/practical throw value - but that depends on the target you shine your light on.

IMO someone and I want to know real measurement not official specs , however measure @1 @4 @5 @10 ..... meters and mean calculated @1 meter.

Redid the output measurement (w/new vid) and runtime graph. I feel the new one more accurately reflects the output and am pretty comfortable w/the numbers achieved. I'm really happy with this setup as it allows me to convey what is the real expected output after any step down's etc.

EDIT: I hear you guys about the lux measurements. Will retake at multiple distances and post when ready.


wow these thrunite lights are good but expensive :o

Fantastic pictures as usual. And what a monster. I am starting to dig the short fat lights. A real shame I cannot DL the vid on this sloow connection.

But I am surprised that the Kcd value is not even higher. When did you measure? Was it the highest measurement just at start up or is the value of 87,2 Kcd a average value? Is it after initial step down or after max temperature is reached?

Sorry about all the Q's but I am very curious about this one :-)

Wow too bad it’s not $100. I’ll have to pick up the clone when it comes out.

@Ledsmoke, it was after 30 seconds but before the step down. Done on freshly charged battery and no warm up beyond waiting the 30 seconds. I'll be retaking at different distances and will post results when ready.


No offense this is a good torch but for that price I would go for a TK70 instead. :D

Ok, just take this as a joke.

Been a long time since i have purchased any light, and this is good. Nice and i was going to email my regular shops till i saw the price. Unfortunately at 220 bucks it's crazy. My TK70 with batteries included still is under this and kcd is a wee bit higher. (of course that's a bigger light)

But it's good, time for Trustfire/SkyRay/Ultrafire to come out with 85mm head diameter based lights. The last time that one from cnquality goods was underdriven at 2A. They already have the host ready (and it's quite nice), the X7. :)

I hope so 2100

My mod Zhi Jun JD-9668 now is 78,000 lux

(XM-L U2 and driver is about 3.6A to LED)

While stock driver and LED is 37,750 lux

Sorry, din't take beamshots yet.

Yeah man, 80k cd would be good.

Yeah and my Trustfire T8 is ~ 85Kcd after I played more with the positioning of the led. And settles into a comfortable ~ 75Kcd after some minutes continous running. But this is definately good news none the less. I am 100% sure that the quality of the two lights are lightyears apart although I was amazed at what 63 usd will get you these days. And a 10 usd emitter swap :-)

Any chance of outdoor beam shots?

I have done some, a review will follow later.

Do you think you could add the Xtar S1 to your comparison?