Review: Trustfire X9 [ 1 x 18650 ] 5 mode - XM-L

I agree that this is a very handsome flashlight. I wish they would offer a 3*XM-L version of this one! I personally prefer flood over throw.

Great review Old, thanks! Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

Nice review. Might be rivaling the FandyFire STL-V6 in throw, which uses 2*18650 but is only 4cm longer... But the X9 looks nicer :)

old4570, may I suggest measuring spot intensity at a longer distance? (more info)

sb56637, triple XM-L would require more batteries...

I thought about it , tried it , but cant see the read out ...

The other way might be to put the light down and hold the meter itself [ hmmm that might work ]

But if you look at the picture 's , you can see the X9 light up the back fence way down the track , hmmm might have to upload fuller size image ...

Lux @ 1meter has been the standard for flashylights for a while now ..

I know some want that changed as it does not take into account focus at longer distances ...

I take it that has been just the standard distance the readings were converted to, after being taken from farther away, especially on throwers.

Lux measurements on my HS-802 start to level out above 4m (each converted to 1m).

Yes, especially for throwers people have been using 'calculated' values from measurements at bigger distances since long ago.

However I additionally suggest using proper units.

Went to the flashlight meet tonight , and the X9 threw 200 meters easy , just ranged it on Google earth ...

damn. i am a poor student but after seeing this i had to buy it (on ebay for $36). Hopefully it can out throw my ultrafire uf-980L which is definitely my brightest light (out throws my fenix tk35).....

Can anyone tell me if this will out throw my UF-980L?

With the right driver it will. There's this driver lottery that people talk about.

ok well if i lose the lottery, i have some spare KD 2.8a drivers lying around :)

That's perfect.

The trees were clearly lit up by the X9

It has forward clicky (tactical), not very good with multi-mode light IMHO.

This is a forward clickly. You have half press it for the desired mode. If it's on high when you fist press it, to get low you have to press it twice more and then click it fully.

Make sure that the retaining ring in the tail cap is tight. Try fully clicking it.

Yes Forward clicky

Exactly, with the forward clickie you cycle between modes by half-clicking before you definitely switch the light on. When the light is once on, half-click doesn't work anymore. You have to switch it off and redo the mode selection from there (or just click it on/off, as you did, but with less control).

I like this version for lights that are always used on the same mode (like throwers are on HIgh). The momentary on that the forward clickie offers is very useful for throwers.

Using flashlights with different clicky arrangements helps exercising your brain. Laughing

Yeah, having flashlights with 3 different "clickies" (reverse , forward & twisty) with you always might be fun :D

I ranged it after the flashlight meet last week end

We went to a park and the X9 clearly lit up some trees - ranged on google @ 200meters

It was a very clearly defined tree by the X9 ...

Im sure I posted a picture [ google earth ]

There was a cyclist on the path , far right in picture .. and the X9 lit him up nice ...

So ??? I dont know what to say ...

Except everyone is welcome to the next flashlight meet ...