REVIEW: UKing ZQ – X900 600Lm Zooming Flashlight (#3 type Zoomie) picture heavy!

Hmm, every image I found for “XP-E Q5” showed an LED with nearly similar die size but with a third bond wire on the side, see here for example:


Never noticed that one off to the side before!

And they make great stocking fillers, without having to fear that the person you gave it to will harm him/her-self or others.

Nice light!

Glad they added square knurling to the head.

Nice review!

Good timing because this is the same flashlight offered in the recent GB (I love you) giveaway / comp

I am waiting for mine to arrive and now have a better idea of what I can expect to get


I just received one of these from the flash sale and it’s the pretty much the same as reviewed by Kusie. Although my lens is plastic, not glass. I’ll also add that the clip is a bit flimsy and the battery compartment is fairly wide and could use a spacer to reduce rattle.

Perhaps the seller can tell us who manufactured this Cree LED :smiley: I’m subscribing to this thread in hope someone will add more info about this curious 2-wire “XP-E”. The tint is actually pretty good in my opinion for this sort of gift light. I have genuine XP-Es that are bluer.

EDIT: Antiparanoico took a shot of a Latticebright XP-E in this thread - The Fake-Cree LED Awareness Thread - The new "low" in Budget lights. but it’s not a match to what we have here (square dot in corner). The resolution isn’t good enough for me to see a 3rd wire or not.

EDIT2: the Latticebright XE does show 3 wires here

Nice review. I have one coming from their giveaway.


I got mine yesterday in silver. It’s actually a nice light. Fully focused the beam is about half the size of the one on my Sipik clone and therefore much more intense. The sliding action is good and I appreciate it having only one mode. I don’t really like zoomies and I won’t use it much, but it might make a decent gift.

+1 Apart from the fact that it arrived day before yesterday :wink:

Mine from the giveaway arrived yesterday. Nice little light for the $$.

I am not big on flashlighs with sliders but the slider here is very smooth.

Running on a14500 it puts out a surprising amount of light. It also would generates a fair bit of heat. Runtime appears tin be about 45 min with the 14500. After 30 min of runtime the battery was down to 25% when I put it n the charger.

Thanks to GearBest for the giveaway


Good review and excellent photography!

Thank you all, appreciate the nice comments for my first review.

Very cool you made such serous review on such a small cheapie light!
I love these, ideal gifts

Well it was the perfect opportunity to practise. Now I need someone to send me a K60 to make a REAL review :smiley: :laughing:


Great review!

Thanks for the review!

You may be right, it seems the lens is in fact made of plastic, I was fooled by the weight first. I have corrected this in the review.

Thanks! Nice to have a review again on a real cheapie!! The led looks XP-E to me, if it was not for the 3rd bondwire absence I would have no doubts, especially since the tint is pretty good.

I’ll add some of my own measurements for this light (which I received for winning a contest). Tested with an Eneloop cell:

Output (approx): 55 lumens (zoomed out), 30 lumens (zoomed in)
Color temperature: 6700K
Run time: about 2 hours (tailcap current is 950mA, and gradually drops as the cell depletes)
Weight: 30g (1.05 oz)

Overall, I think it’s a very good buy for $2.85, if you can put up with the bluish cool-white tint. I was impressed with the feel of the clicky and the zooming mechanism. On the downside, the pocket-clip is really bad, so it’s best to just remove it.

Cross-reference, this is basically the generic light called the “#3 zoomie” in the compilation
thread title:
Under $10, 1x AA/ AAA/ 10440/ 14500 flashlight reference

They’ve swapped the slider piece with the grid texture and the one with the parallel groove texture.

Several more versions discussed at: Rustu XL-03 mini zoom Sipik 68 replacement - review and mod

Couple of notes:
— There’s probably a pill in it, if you take a tiny drill and put holes in the aluminum ring around the white plastic press-in thing that covers the LED wire solder points.
Then turn that and it will probably unscrew (or if they made it press fit, they’ve found a way to make these even cheaper)
Either way, you’ve got to be able to get the LED and driver out to improve this thing, the same way they got them into the body of the light. Find that and reverse it.

— When you lift up the white plastic press-in thing, then lift up the LED board and you’ll see what’s under it, if anything. If by any chance they’ve got a solid plane there with some thermal goop, that would be, well, astonishingly good. Odds are you’ll find a big hole and be able to see the driver, behind there.

— As with all versions of the #3 zoomie, you take the slidey part off (you do this by first removing the “pill”) then carefully file off the not-the-lens end a bit, that will let it slide a bit closer into the body and move the lens that much closer to the emitter — giving you a much wider floodlight without losing anything on the spot zoom side.