Review: Ultrafire C3 Stainless Steel , 1 x AA [ 14500 ] 5 mode

Although it's a little more expensive, the Manafont version is 3 mode, no blinkies, with a SS switch. Mine doesn't tailstand however...I've never taken it apart to see if anything can be done with it. But it's a great little light, especially when coupled with a Fenix pocket clip.

I would pay the $20 just for the 3-mode (if it's as good as the original of course).

I have both, I'd say it's every bit as good, never had a single problem with it.

And somebody said in one of the reviews that protected TrustFire 14500s don't fit? Does it even matter if I use unprotected cells?

I was able to fit a protected trustfire 14500 in mine, and then the LED went PooF about 30 seconds later. They insist at DX that that wont happen any more though, the factory "fixed it".

I've been using protected flames in mine for quite awhile with no issues. (manafont version)

Ok, cool. So that one you linked is a nice option for me. Will consider it.

The original 93mm one (I got mine from DX when they were announced some years ago) I have has worked with every sort of AA I've ever thrown at it, including all the protected ones I have (Which includes flame Trustfires). It does, however, get horribly hot on high with 14500s and more so with IMR cells. I have a pretty high heat tolerance and am not able to hand-hold it for more than 5 minutes on high with a 14500. About 3 minutes with an IMR cell.

Can someone who owns one toss it on a scale for me ..

I'm just curious what the weight is .

Not sure I trust any of these vendors numbers ..

66-67 grams less batt

The lightake version is also 93mm long. Never tried a 14500 in it. I have them now, but i'm totally aginst doing it. :P

It seems there are many different versions of this light, they all look the same...

It is also possible that my scale is not correct, it is not really "lab quality".

DX had both versions at different times 93 and 98mm ... it seems that they are now shipping the 98mm ones. I would go with LT or BOB and ask upfront if that's really the 93mm version.

mine was 93 mm from And after 3-4 months rear button not functioning. Do you think all 16 mm spare buttons are compatible with C3?

This might help

thanks Vectrex, i ordered...

Gifted this (and a watch) to my dad who went overseas today :frowning: