Review: Uniquefire HS-801 - CREE R2, thrower single 18650 2 mode flashlight

good choice it should handle hear and modding well.

i brought this Trustfire C8 Stainless Steel Head XM-L T6 900-Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1 x 18650) at the same time as the TrustFire USA168 Q5 3-Mode Memory LED Flashlight (1 x 18650) the trustfire c8 should be good for 200 meters and put out some usible spill, i like the brand trustfire and the stainless steel bezel should be good as thats where my torches get knocked around but the wife has already claimed that one and its not here yet.

another torch thats good for throwing that get over looked is the TR-1200 the tinny emmiters smaller then a match head in the narrow reflectors does 300 meters and puts out good spill well mine does and the 5 emiters pack a punch.

The Jetbeam BC40 is a good thrower for an XM-l and its a two mode no silly strobe or flashy modes but it might not be classed as a budget light by some, but it is well built easly to use and comes with spare parts and a holster with a nice tint.

you would think the TR-1200 would throw simular to my TR-3T6 but it does not the TR-1200 out throws it 3 fold but the TR-3T6 is 3 times brighter and it just a wall of light it has to be one of my favourt torches, i wish Manafont sold the TR-1200 so i could truley recomend it.

I was going to give it a break on throwers for a while now I've ordered those two but Summer/DD has come up with a special on the Palight T6 (57mm head, regulated) that is too good to miss. So I'll be ordering that too once he gives the link/ordering method.

its good if you can get lights that do both, the p t6 is a nice one

i am wondering what is the different between trustfire c8 stainless steel head with ultrafire c8?

the design is look alike.

good question, could just be the name and the bezel ? ill let you know if the Trustfire C8 Stainless Steel Head XM-L T6 900-Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1 x 18650) is any good when it gets here.

imho, the best trustfire flashlight model is the X series + the 3 LED XML T6 model. these two are the best from trustfire

i like my trustfires the TR-3T6 3 X 18650 has to be the best but every one over looks the TR-1200 300 yards or 300 meters of range and good spill and its driven in the same way as the TR-3T6 and i like my trustfire flame batteries great once you find a good sorce.

so i like the brand trustfire but the best torch ive held in my hand for a while is the JETBEAM BC40 two mode high and low, no sos or strobe or any other silly flash modes well made, tail cap lock out feature perfect build quailty very nice tint and for an XM-L iw will throw 300 yards or 300 meters but has a nice wide beam with good spill, comes with a holster, lanyard, anti roll ring and spare parts for under $70 usd send registered post, great bang for buck and you get what you payfor and more with this light, the only down side is the cheesy box.

try with AW 2900mah or panasonic 2900mah.. you might find a better result on 3t6

Yeah, but those can't be bought @ Manafont.

you have to get the TR-1200 at DX you can get the jetbeam bc40 from going perpared but it cost more, only 2 bucks but then you have to add shipping on top manafont is the cheapest ive sean the bc40 and ive looked hard.

the trustfire flames from DX are not as good as the trustfire flames from manafont the DX ones trip all the time so i suggest manafont for them and im happy using them.

the show downs ive seen with the aw,s has not impressed me nore does the $18.50 each price tag im very happy with the results of my TR-3T6 on the trustfires flames Laughing

use trustfire x8 and compare it with jetbeam bc40

i would have to say the jetbeam cause its a little more refined, but the trustfire x8 is no slouch and has its upside too.

but this might be my next trustfire ?

TrustFire SST-50 LED 1300-Lumen 5-Mode Memory LED Flashlight w/ Gift Box (2 x 18650)

i have not owned a SST led yet

sst does has higher output, but the problem is, sst is not as efficient as XML. in other words, it drains battries faster than XML.

Thanks for the heads up, i also guess by not being as efficeint it would produce more heat

I have the TR-1200 and I can tell you it will throw easily out to 400yds and then some. One of my best lights. It throws probably as good as my Keygos X6 XR-E Q5 light. I have the extra extension tube in both of mine, and the TR1200 may even be brighter.

my wife brought me the TR-1200 we use it for camping and bush walks and we torture it, a heap of 60 mins runs on high and a few 85 min runs on high i once stuck it in the fridge on high for 1.5 hours.

400 yards is close to 365 meters and i will agree with that, i try and under state it so people dont get upset people but it will give good usible light to 300 meters no worries i have test tree,s 160 meters (175 yards) and one 300 meters (328 yards) and the TR-1200 will light up both and im not talking small tree,s

but ive read on here alot of people say its not a thrower but it is a throw if it will do over 300 meters its a throw but it has good spill and i use it for bush walking as you can see far ahead and what your walking on, the TR-3T6 3 x 18650 will light up the tree at a 160 meters (175 yards) and the 2 acre paddock the tree is in.

sofar there is not many torches that i have that can light up a tree at 300 meters, the tr-1200 and the jetbeam bc40

Here can see the efficiency of XM-L VS SST-50

thanks thats great info there Smile

Thanks for the link. XML is really efficient LED.

XML with regulated driver(it's very are to find regulated driver can draw 3A): just say max current can be drawn by driver is 2,4A. As you can see, at 2.4A, XML is able to produce 773 Lumens. and at 1,4A - 520 Lumens.

SST-50. at 2,4A, it can only produce 630 lumens. And at 1,4A - 424 lumens. In order for SST-50 to reach 773 lumens output, It has to draw current as much as 3,4A(3400mAH).

Now, You can imagine, how fast will the sst drain your batteries??

Or trying to supply 5 amp,s to one for any given time, it’s making me think twice about a sst mod maglight