“REVIEW” - WUBEN T70 Camouflage – XHP70.2 Led – 4200 Lumens [PIC HEAVY] ***Extension tube = 2 x 26650***

This is, at least, a good flaslight if you want some “sustainable lumens” for a while. Currently I am using it with the “stepless dimming” mode activated do that I can turn it ON/OFF with just one click.

About the tube + extra cell , it was sent to me by Jelina from Wuben for review purposes. Maybe you can contact her through the user profile: http://budgetlightforum.com/user/20745

Check if they still have those tubes. BG and GB don’t seem to have it and AliExpress doesn’t have it too as far as I know!

About the UI…Olight will win over this, I am sure! Still the T70 is a great light that I can rely on if I go to the “wilderness” :smiling_imp:

Ordered this camouflage T70 today from Fasttech. I got a great price at $71.95 delivered, using the current 10% off promo code FOOL10.

I am stoked with the Wuben L50S, so I am especially excited to get the T70. Will probably be six to eight weeks due to current shipping situations.

You won’t regret getting this light :wink:
Super reliable, one of my most gorgeous lights due to the camo pattern !!

I also became to like using the light in the ramping mode, with a settled output for ON/OFF use. The ramping is not so fast as Anduril, so it may be a bit troublesome using it but with just a defined output it will be a nice light!

Something to reinforce the good option:

Thank you, MascaratumB, for posting those videos.

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while now. When I found out about the Fasttech promo my eyes lit up, I got amped-up, and did the triple click turbo on that order button!

It’s going to feel like forever and a month, waiting for it to arrive.

I don't buy many high end lights, but this one is also one of my favorites. It's quality.

Pure one :wink:

Oh, BTW, I already abandoned the idea for changing the driver after seeing your photos some time ago :smiley:

If it was designed that way, let it stay in place :wink:

Yep, same here - didn't go any further on the mods.

When I ordered the T70, Fastech showed it was in stock and would be shipped out in three days. Three days comes and goes, and then it said it would ship out in six days. Six more days come and go, and it said out of stock. My order did not get shipped out.

It still has not shipped out even though it shows in stock now, and being packaged for shipment, for the past five days. How long does it take to put in a box and ship out, apparently more than five days.

I decided to wait it out, because it was an excellent price. I have been in contact with them, and all I hear is sorry, sorry, please be patient. I will probably never purchase anything from Fastech again.

It arrived today. I like everything about it accept for the ramping mode.

Hum, yeah, the ramping is not something like what we have on the Emisar or FWxA lights! Also, it is not what we have/had on Sofirn lights.
It is slower and is only Up or Down, not allowing reversing the way we’re ramping.

I learned to use it more on ramping, though, using it as a “single mode” flashlight. I have it configured that way, and when I want to make it act faster, the triple click from on to jump to stepped levels is helpful. Then, I normally switch back to ramping, for the “single mode” use.

That was also what I did with my Sofirn SP32A (before the driver go “puff”), I was using it as my “indoor” flashlight, just on turn On/Off way.

I do hope you enjoy the flashlight though, as it will stand out in the collection for sure, both for the looks and the reliability :wink:

I got mine yesterday. (Prize from the Old Lumens contest.) Black with the extension tube and 2 cells included.

I like it. Wuben always seems to space the levels out nicely. The machining, etc. is superb. It’s bright. The ramping is okay, just different from what many others do. It would be better if an “UP” ramp could be interrupted and the ramp direction switched to “down”. It is a nice size in the hand. The 26mm diameter cell has always been attractive to me for that. Until the last few years though it was not easy to get a “good” one with high mAh capacity.

Glad you like MtnDon :wink:

I guess you’re spot on about this light! It has great quality and reliability too :wink:

The ramping…could be more friendly as you say, but if you want to use it as a “single mode” flashlight it works great!!
And with ~10000mAh to use (when using 2 cells), it becomes a light to carry on a trip to the mountain side, to camp, to fish,…

About a year ago I took it to a trip to the mountains in jeeps, with friends, and when the bar light of the leading jeep failed, it was the T70 that created a spotlight to guide us through the dark! :wink:

I’m glad you also like it and enjoy it because you deserve :+1: