[review] Wurkkos TS21 21700 light, 4000K!

You maybe pay but most people around the world not. Wurkkos is budget brand in first place. If price go to high most people will not pay higher price at all. Something like FireflyLite E12R. I really like that flashlight because its have buck converter and Anduril but it is to expensive for me. Also there is semiconductor shortage over entire electronics industry and for some DC/DC converters ICs you must wait over a year for delivery. So simple solution will be cheaper one.

That’s a good point. But why can’t they offer multiple options? One option that is more budget friendly and compatible with their current branding, and one that is a little bit nicer and more expensive?

Thank you for all suggestions and sounds be fun.

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I got my TS21 yesterday, and I was impressed at first, but I don’t know if I’ll keep it long. I wish one of the reviews had mentioned that using the tail cap for hardware lock-out isn’t really an option on this light. Mine requires 3/4 turn to consistently lock it out, and that’s just annoying because it’s so different than my other pocket e-switch hot-rods.

Sure, I can try to get in the habit of software lock-out, or rotating the head. The head consistently locks at 1/4 turn or less. But, if I had known they decided to do it differently in this light, I might not have bought it.

The red ano is pretty, and it’s got a great beam. It’s my first Andǘril 2 light, so I’ll play with that, just for fun. But the switch is elevated and so easy to activate I’ve already had it turn on in my pocket twice. And that was with the cap loosened 1/2 turn. No tailcap lock-out kinda sucks for me.

@ manithree,

On both of mine (w/ Andúril 2), I only need to loosen the tailcap, or the head, a very small amount (<5%). I never use that method though, as locking the TS21 with 4 clicks is as fast as my thumb can move.

If you decide to sell it rather than send it back, I'm sure it would go very quickly.

With a Samsung 40T I need to twist the tail cap 1/8 turn or less to lock it out. It can be done with one hand.

Try the four click to get it into lockout mode. A low momentary still works for close up tasks which is convenient so you don’t have to unlock it every time.

Anduril 2 has a timed locked out option. Does your battery check work properly in simple mode?

Pretty sure it did. I played with simple UI for a while, then switched to advanced, specifically for the auto-lock. But doesn’t auto-lock only work if it’s off? If it turns on every time I put it in my pocket (like it has so far) the auto-lock isn’t going to kick in, right?

Yeah, I mentioned that in my post (which you quoted). The problem is that my IF25A, my D4s and D4Ss, ALL lockout easily with a quick turn of the tailcap, so that’s my habit. This one is completely different, we’re all creatures of habit, and I’m old enough that training new habits is annoying.

The only way this light is getting into my EDC rotation is if I can stand the auto-lock, and if it works. IOW, if it doesn’t turn itself on in my pocket before the auto-lock engages. But that seems sketchy, especially since it’s turned on in my pocket twice in just a few hours.

I get it, it’s a budget light. It’s not an Acebeam or a Fenix that would easily cost twice as much for a similar features. But it’s still disappointing to have a $35 light be such a piece of useless garbage.

You can set the timer for say 1 minute. It will go into lockout 1 min after it is last turned off. So you can put it in your pocket and it will auto lock out. BTW, mine locks out with only a small twist of the cap.

But only if it doesn’t switch on in my pocket, in that first minute, right?


We would like to try 219C 5000K in a new color of TS21,Not sure how much quantity needs to be assembled, maybe we can do interest checking in a thread

I’m interested.
But would have to sell my 4000K unit first :smiley:

no 4000K this time :person_facepalming:

Maybe you will made a new one with 219C not in a new color but with a less hot head?

Why would it be a piece of useless garbage? It’s a great flashlight for the money.

In your quote you didn’t include the part where I mentioned that mine needs less than 1/8 of a turn to lock it out when using a Samsung 40T. Even with a short tube and a 16340, for which the light is not designed, I can still unscrew it quickly with my index finger and thumb.
I wonder why yours is different. The threads should be the same so maybe the tube is longer?

I didn’t want to use the 4 click lockout method but I adapted after a few days and now I prefer it over the manual lockout since I can use the low mode quickly without screwing it tight each time.
I would prefer a dual switch, one for momentary 100% and the other for modes and instant strobe but that’s currently not an option with Anduril as far as I know.

Do your Emisar lights have the raised switch ring? Do you still need to use the manual lockout or is it a safety precaution?

I don’t really understand how your light could not lock out easily with a short twist. The two I have both have locked out with less than an eighth of a turn. Does not make sense to me. Have you cleaned up the threads and looked to see if the anno has come off somewhere? Perhaps another piece of debris somewhere? This is definitely an anomaly and not representative of any of the Wurkkos or Sofirn lights that I have worked with.

I don’t have mine handy to check but is it possible the tube is turned end for end? I don;t know if this makes a difference with this light.

The ano looks fine on the threads. That was the first thing I checked. My thread grease is packed up for the carpet cleaning last week, so I haven’t cleaned and re-lubed to see if that helps.