Review: Yezl T8X MK II Raptor

Thanks for this great review Foy!

Nice images and review. Thanks for not tempting me with that one!

Nice review Foy!

I have the same body - with a Q3 I think - that I got for about $6. For the $6 it's ok...

I knew it would be a POS light. I have the exact same body purchased at ebay with a q3-5 led in it. The body is total junk. The driver also. Changed to another leftover driver the light finally does perform as it should. Still it is junk. Internals are exactly like yours. Logo printed: HT 803. From all zoomies the best i got was romisen RC-C8 easily. I have to order one again. This however is the only one i still have since it is so bad that i feel bad even gifting it. Paid 8usd, and regretting.

Thanks foy for being the guinea pig on this one. I'm sorry it turned out a disappointment.

You can find the same body with many different emitter. The XML pill is different from Q3 version but i think this YEZL is really overpriced. Great review Foy!

Great review! Seems as if it is of the same quality as my yezl light. Definitely not ordering anymore yezl lights. Especially with their false advertising of quality and ‘ixp8’ in the photos and videos on their website.

Excellent review as always, Foy ;)

I actually was thinking on buying this one, with group offer or smt like that (have seen that post here on BLF, with $2 off). But after your review, and others lights review that resulted to be total crap... I understand why I'm a semibudget lover :( Don't have enough money to be a guinea pig (well, unless I see a 5 star review of budget light). Really sorry for that bad spent $30, Foy :~ This light should cost $15, no more.

UPDATE: hey, guys, what do you think about N-Light lights CQG selling also? Are they better than Yezl? Thanks in advance ;)

YES I’ve said it 1000 times before … clearly no one wants to listen to it so i’ll stop singing the "N-light is in my top ten favorite lights " song . they are N-light nitecore nitecore zebra zebra yes i like the N-light b2s

Haha, thanks for the song, boaz ;) Don't remember well if you were talking good things about N-Light in general or only few models (i.e. ITP - I think the quality of their cheapest lights is as good as their high end flashlights)

Because I made my feelings about this light clear, didn’t like it at all, I have to now give credit where due. I have been using this light as a bicycle light and it seems perfectly suited to that application for me. Easy to change from flood on the road to narrow on the trail. The light still has all of the problems noted above but also has some redeeming value.

there is actually a decent xm-l zoomie around this size? i know xm-l's aren't the best for throw, but it would be a fun light anyway if it was bright and somewhat decent quality.

what if it's compared with this

Hey Lang, I'm glad you're getting some use from that little guy. If it turns on at night when you need it, can't be all bad.


It is performing admirably in its new role. Those tail cap threads though, down to 1/4 turn on and off.

The Yezl in this review is now dead. The tailcap threads that were identified as a shortcoming early on, finally gave up. It was down to a 1\4 turn for a long time but then I couldnt get them to catch at all. The good news though is that just the other day I got a non functioning Fenix E20 from the Goodwill store. This is the second E20 I have found at goodwill and I have never found another good light there. The Yezl gave up its XML and driver to the Fenix. Its not driven really hard which is kind of a blessing. I am getting 500 lumens out of it. It is now an incredible light. The Fenix originally has a driver that is not soldered in but rather held in by a couple of ears on the driver and screwed in. This makes it hard, for me at least, to replace the driver. I struggled to fix my last one for that reason. With the help of Brted I was finally able to manage it. The driver on the yezl was soldered into a brass ring which fit the Fenix perfectly. This is going to be one of my favorite lights so the Yezl purchase turned out to be a good one.

edit: I want to save the switch but cant get the SOB apart. Foy has some good pics of it above. Any ideas?

So Foy, how many stars would you give it out of say 5 for a max? It don't look to be very bright does it.


Sorry I took so long - have not read this thread in a long time.

ILIKE - The only reason I may have given it two stars is the incredible flood. It was just an awesome, round disc of light. Doesn't matter now since Lang has re-purposed the emitter. Also, does not surprise me that the tail threads gave up the ghost. There were only three and this is just another example of why I put so much emphasis on machine work.

A flashaholic is gonna unscrew the tail cap a whole bunch and if you don't think sufficient and/or thread quality is important, just ask Lang. Thread quantity matters too and square threads will reduce the long term likelihood of failure.

Lang - I hope my dunking that guy in my sink didn't hasten its demise.


I know this is very old review, but the Yezl Mk-II Raptor zoom-able CREE XM-L flashlight was the first zoom flashlight that I ever bought (about 8 or 9 years ago), and I would like to make some comments on how it has fared.

I originally bought 3 of these and they all still work and I find they are my most used and most reliable cheap torch that I have (and I have a LOT). I did not pay $30 for mine, from memory it was about AU$18.

Yes, it’s build quality is a bit poor, but for general use I find it is my favorite torch.

  1. It has a great flood.
  2. About the shortest 18650 zoom torch there is.
  3. Has been very reliable (and it is well used!).
  4. Brightness is fair, but still better than many, perhaps most, similar zoom flashlights.
  5. The 3 mode high, medium & low brightness is fabulous - no other useless crap modes.
  6. It is the perfect size for a pocket when out walking.
  7. Perfect size and weight to hold in mouth while crawling around under cars.
  8. I do find it will overheat and shut down when used on high brightness mode for long periods.

I score it 3 stars out of 5. If it sold for $10 these days it would score 4 stars.

I wish I could buy some more, or even something similar.
Half decent compact zoom-able flashlights no longer seem to exist!

Wow, this is a blast from the past :slight_smile:
Welcome to BLF mcquade181!!!

Well, I am not sure if they are still in stock as sometimes Fasttech has things in stock but then they are not, but check the On The Road flashlight in the link:

It is the same type of model :wink:
On The Road also has the i3 model, a small 16340 flashlight! Being an OTR fan, I have some lights of that brand and I recently “joined” parts of 2 different lights: the top of the i3 and the tail of the M1.

Here’s the result, using a 16650 battery (2500mAh, slimmer than an 18650, but with capacity too) :wink: