Reviewer List for Manufacturers

I thought it would be a great idea to list all reviewers, on BLF, for manufacturers to view. Could be useful? I thought it could help the smaller YouTube channels out there as well.

I need a lot of help with this list.

YouTube Channels

  • Lumencraft
  • Flashaholic
  • Richard O
  • Flashlight Enthusiast
  • Piercing The Darkness
  • LuxWad

Written Reviewer’s

  • 1Lumen
  • Zero Air
  • Grizzly’s Reviews
  • Tim McMahon

Unsure about Flashaholic? He isn’t really part of BLF, just drops review links. Maybe it should be a list of everyone regardless. Maybe just a list of reviewer’s who are worth noting? Let me know…

I’ll link everyone later on. Currently, New Zealand has the largest cyclone, this century, passing through and wreaking havoc, I need to go out on the farm and help Dad get sheep in, heaps dying out there since 600+ were just shorn.

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Good idea! You can add me to the list if you like. I post my reviews here at BLF and at TLF, r/flashlight and my website:

a work-in-progress list of blf member reviewers, alphabetical within category.
(for external reviews, blf member names are in parentheses.)

blf reviews:

(*see also: video reviews)

written reviews:

1lumen reviews (chibim, gchart, sirstinky, dave1010) +

dave’s tech reviews (dave1010)

grizzly’s reviews (tactical_grizzly)

lightart (stephenk)

sammyshp (sammyshp) + translated

selfbuilt’s flashlight reviews (cpfselfbuilt) +

the lab reviews / pol77 (pol77)

tim mcmahon (timmc)

wolfgirl reviews (wolfgirl42)

zak reviews (zak.wilson)

zeroair reviews (zeroair)

video reviews:

cheule’s flashlight reviews (cheule)

darren yeo - tech, tools & tutorials (darrenyeo) +

everyday survival gear (everydaysurvivalgear)

flashaholic (the_flashaholic)

liquidretro (liquidretro) +

lockreview edc and tools (lock)

lumencraft / matt smith (vestureofblood)

lumeniac flashlights reviews (lumeniac)

luxwad (luxwad) +

mascaratumblf (mascaratumb)

piercing the darkness (funtastic)

richard o (l.r.o.)

roberto mazza (roma58)

trailtrek (trail_trek)

urban survivor (urbansurvivor)

wear and tear (markus)

weerapat kiatdumrong (weerapat_k)

component reviews:

djozz - emitters

koef3 - emitters

lygte info (hkj) - batteries, chargers

mooch’s blog (mooch) - batteries

more reviewers: (thanks to mascaratumb)

0401andreas (andreas0401)

abysstek (hyosung)

advanced knife bro (mhanlen)

bmengineer’s reviews (bmengineer)

chalice of light (rusty_joe)

martin m4d m4x rathmanner (m4d_m4x)

thefossilchannel (thefossilchannel)

vietnam reviews (vietnamreviews)

zozzlights rc (zozzv6)

previous reviewer roundups:

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I don’t have a massive amount of reviews, but I’d like it if you add me to the Written Reviewers list. :ghost:

Excellent list (and thanks for including my channel :smiling_face:) !

(BTW, the list of my written reviews here on the forum: MascaratumB’s Reviews Repository Thread [NO COMMENTS] )

I have just a few more to add:

Written Reviews

Video reviews/beamshots

EDIT: I forgot to mention Rusty Joe:

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I have written some BLF reviews in the past. If you could please add my name (Skylight) to the list that would be very nice.

I’ll continue this once power returns. The North Island of New Zealand is an absolute mess after the cyclone, we’ve had no power since Sunday, most mobile towers are also down. I’ve been using a 12v car battery to power the router so I could use the internet.

We lost 50+ sheep that died from the cold which is a bit sad. Me and Dad were dashing back and forwards carrying sheep to a nearby barn, those who were collapsing. Planned on bringing them all back to the sheds until the only bridge was swept away from the floods.

Largest storm the country has seen since 1988.

Thanks tercat for adding myself and others to the list. I’ll note that I primarily review flashlights for light painting / night photography purposes, so have a bit of a niche market!

Reviews without specification testing is useless like “Charles BridgTec”, but probably works to attract noobs.

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Oh, wow. Keep safe!

If the reviewer hasn’t calibrated their equipment it’s not very useful either, Flashaholic’s numbers are always way higher than everyone else’s, sometimes much higher than what’s possible from the current it’s pulling.

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What is everyone’s thoughts on reserving this thread for only active BLF members? Flashaholic (Matt Gill) only drops links for reviews. I’m not sure if Charles even does that here.

Happy to list everyone, but for every single reviewer the list would be massive.

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Keep safe fun brother!

It would be good to list more reviewers active on other socials like YouTube, TikTok, etc. The community is pretty niche/small. Worth supporting :+1:

If this is going to turn into some massive list with all platforms, then I’m not interested in making that list, too much work and little spare time. Initially, this was to be a BLF list so manufacturer’s could see reviewers who were part of this forum.

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This seems like a reasonable approach. Thanks @PiercingTheDarkness for taking this on!

If the list is for manufacturers to find reviewers, then it probably should be limited to active BLF members who will actually respond to their messages.

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There are several decent reviewers that aren’t necessarily enthusiasts and are not here on BLF - some of those more in the EDC crowd, so to speak, and etc.

I don’t think I like the idea of excluding some reviewers based on active participation here. Flashaholic, for instance, does some pretty terrific reviews, well worth watching if you’re interested in a model (or want to sell one). There are a WHOLE BUNCH of reviewers that fancy dabbling into the techy side and really get it wrong - a lot of them. It’s been a trend lately, and now especially that the cheap pos Opple has become pretty ubiquitous. But some good reviewers drop links here and don’t necessarily post often or hang out. I think that’s fine. And then some - like Flashaholic - used to participate and then stopped after people got ugly (if I recall, it was the lumens figures that started a brewhaha, but I didn’t follow along).

Bridgetech’s videos are boring as all get out but they do have value as well. I don’t know if he’s ever been on BLF. I’d rather know he’s out there and at least capable of showcasing a product and demonstrating it’s use than not know he’s there, y’know?

Personally, it bugs me when people just drop a video link and don’t say anything. I mean I know they’ve already done a ton of work/lot of time to make the video, so I can understand not wanting to write an accompanying text/photo review for a post, but it’s nice to feel like they’re involved at least a little rather than maybe focused on link-clicks and views. Several on here do that - some respond to comments and some don’t, preferring to reply on their youtube channel instead. From a manufacturer’s point of view, either would be fine with me as long as they’re doing a decent review and being fair about it, letting potential customers see the product better than they can on a web sales page.

I guess I’m not understanding the desire for the restriction or how it would benefit the flashlight community as a whole (both on and away from BLF). I do think a list of reviewers is a great idea, though!

The reason I intended this to be BLF only was because I didn’t have the energy to make a massive post with so many sources out there, like it would be absolutely massive, especially if you start adding non English speaking reviewers and websites.

Listed sources should be actively reviewing, not just that you’ve reviewed a couple in the past. That’s not going to be helpful to anybody.

I’d like this to be an informative thread for everyone else out there for current/future reviews. It doesn’t have to be for manufacturers. I’m just getting tired of chasing brands for reviews, I’d love a list of active reviewers they can look through. Feels much better to have a brand reach out and offer something than trying to get their attention.

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Ok, gotcha. I had a thought…maybe if you wanted it for manufacturers’ use you could ask sb if he’d sticky this thread (or a new one) in the Commercial Seller’s Spot where current and new vendors would see it easily.

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