RIP Fizz

There is paradise for people and hell.

For dogs only paradise.!

Im'really sorry for your loss Don..

Sorry to hear that Don.

My rabbit passed away in his sleep.

I'm very sorry to hear about that Don. I know Fizz meant a lot to you and was a great companion and friend. About all you can do is take good care of dogs while you have them and I know you took great care of your assistant. Through your posts she was a part of the BLF community and we will all miss her.


(plus Katie and Austin, my two assistants-in-training)

I am sorry for your loss Don.

Thanks folks!

You folks made a very, very bad day better.

I'm just glad that she died peacefully in her sleep. When I woke this morning, the only thing that was different about her was that she was cold to the touch. She usually sleeps in in the mornings so it wasn't till I tried to waken her that I realised she'd gone.

This is how she slept and is exactly how I found her this morning.

This is my favourite picture of her, and how I will remember her.

We buried her this afternoon in one of her favourite places, in the shade of some trees and we'll plant some more rowans (mountain ash) round her. Traditionally, every house in Scotland had a rowan tree planted near it to keep away evil.

I am really, really sorry Don. I hope you are well and remember her.

I will never forget her. Thanks Kathy, you said what I couldn't.

There is nothing to compare with the pain of death.

You were here, and now you are not.

That’s all.

I search for you in old photographs, letters,

Things that you touched,

Things that remind me of you,

But they cannot fill the space you occupied.

The space is in me too,

Bleeding round the edges where you were torn away.

In the night, strange shapes haunt the space….

Regret, fear, fury,

All the things we might have done.

All the shattered dreams.

How can I go on with this hole inside me?

Partial person!

Don’t let me fill the space with the wrong things.

Don’t let me cover it up,

To eat me from within.

Give me courage to bear my emptiness,

To hold it gently

Till the edges stop bleeding;

Till the darkness becomes friendly;

Till I see the star at its heart;

Till it becomes a fertile space,

Growing new life within it.

If I had not loved, I would not have wept.

This love you have given me;

This love I have carried;

This love has carried me.

And I know that though I cannot see you, touch you,

The love does not go away.

Carried by this love,

We are not divided.

And there will be no more weeping.

Don, I'm very sorry to hear the tragical news about the assistant.

To my surprise tears are pressing on, perhaps because I have a grey parrot showing signs of old age. He has been my good friend since 1976.

I too, shed a tear for the assistant and I can promise you this -

Where sincere/good people like you (Donald) go,

After you've endured well this mortality,

There also will be the assistant,

Your companion during part of this mortality.

-Foy Blackmon-

Sorry for your loss. I am sure she is running around in dog heaven by now.

Man I’m really sorry to hear that. I know from reading here, how much you loved her. God bless both you and her.

I know this must be a difficult time for you Don. When you're ready to jump back online, I think that many of your friends would like to send a few dollars to help show our appreciation. Its just our way of offering thanks and remembrance to your fallen pal that we've all become so used to seeing in your comments, YouTube's and reviews. Perhaps you could buy a nice bouquet of flowers for Fizz or put the funds towards a future pal. That will be for you to decide and we expect nothing. Many of us know how it is to lose a pet and Fizz will be missed by many.

Since you’ve posted your PayPal address online before, I've taken the liberty of reposting it for the benefit of others (hope you don’t mind)

Most Sincerely,

Your Friends

BLF members, its time for us to again rally our support (we are all great at doing this). It doesn’t have to be a large contribution and any amount will show you care.

Please send donation via PayPal payment to

Payment Message: “Fizz Fund"

Sorry to hear that Don.

I hope you are doing ok.


I too would like to offer my sympathy and understanding...and I am truely sorry for your loss.


I'm very sorry to hear she's passed away Don. The death of anyones pet always reminds me of pets I've lost, so I had a bit of a cry...I'm a big soft git really.

Really sorry to hear this, condolences.

I feel with you Don. I'm really sorry about your lost

I'm truly sorry to hear that, Don. I enjoyed seeing her pics, it was easy to see she was such a great friend.

SoSorry to hear that, Don. :(