RovyVon E700S with Front & Side LEDs

It won’t win any beauty contests, but it does offer multiple functions. I did not see any mention of the LED output: is it warm, neutral, cool? It also has an “oil cooling system” for the head.

I’d bet they will be CW in the front and…eventually the same on the side! Despite the sides could be slightly more on the neutral side!
I got their E300s “Angel Eyes” that had CW XP-G3 emitters, that I late replaced for XP-L HD NW.
I really like that flashlight, but the price is way out of the range I’m interested in paying!

Oil cooling?

Not sure how it works but the E300s also had that! Maybe something that makes the sensor cool down/dim the light when it reaches X temperature?

The E300s: “REVIEW”: RovyVon E300S – 2000 lumens – (Rect)Angle Light – 3*XPG3 [PIC HEAVY] - ***MODED WITH XP-L LED *** - #17 by MascaratumB
That brass container behind the leds (that can’t be seen here)

Weird… how RovyVon neglected to show a front emitter shot. Nor mention of it in the description. I presumed a triple emitter with TIR setup, as on the original Angel Eyes E300S, but I now see on the exploded image that it’s 4 emitters. Too bad Nichia isn’t offered, as on the E300S.

About oil cooling… not sure what kind of advantage that’s supposed to have. There’s no cooling structure for it to “flow” through. If $99, that would be more acceptable.

I guess I’m getting really tint spoiled. A nice warm tint or warm leaning neutral tint looks so appealing to the eyes. I don’t mind sacrificing even 25% lumens for it.

Looks like oil is not bad heatsink material. By volume, mineral oil stores about half the heat copper does but weighs 11 times less.
Praffin wax would be even better but they they would have to deal with larger volume change.

So, over a year later, and RovyVon is still making this with CREE XP-G3 emitters. Aren’t those sort of considered outdated at this point?