S2+ clone from Utorch

I have a few of those with 8 7135’s. They work quite well. Definitely affordable.

I bought the Utorch for use with a battery tube & cap from a faulty Sofirn. This gets pretty close to, IMO, the ideal length for an EDC and no switch. The cap is just loose enough for pressing with a momentary operation. In this instance, it's a twisty but at the tail... with good knurling.

This picture contains lights with a preferred combination of UI, clip and/or form factor. I really like the deep carry clip from the Nitenumen with the UI, 1500 lm output of an SP32A.

The stock 5/3-mode Convoy driver can be reprogrammed to Biscotti? Or you changed the driver?

That is a great idea. I have a Sofirn tube and tail that I thought would work perfectly. Unfortunately I stole the tail spring off of it for something. I can’t remember what for. I will find a new one around here someplace I’m sure. I have some similar pocket clips as well. That will make a great EDC. Thanks for mentioning this.

The 3/5 modes with Convoy written on the spring side can be reprogrammed to Biscotti but :

  • For programming to work one has to cut the connection from pin 5 to ground on the pcb (easy job with any small sharp cutting tool).
  • All 7135 are not equal, some don't want to work at very low light level (short On time). Off the 3 3/5 modes drivers i modified recently 1 didn't work at 0.1% (no light at all) but everthing else was seemingly ok, solved by replacing the 4x7135 on that one.

Yeah, you probably had the “crappy sailboat” 7135s, vs the “raptor claw” ones.

Hang on…

Ha! Found it… Shorten your 7135s for space-constrained mods!

Go crazy…

Hahaha :smiley: Yeah, the crappy sailboat vs. raptor claw controversy…

"crappy sailboat vs. raptor claw" : Pretty eye catching headline ;-)

I don't remember seeing any logo on the 7135s neither good nor ugly but will try to look for that this evening.

IIRC the drivers with the good ones came from AE Convoy store while the ugly ones where from BG

Whatever you do don’t buy the stepless version it’s horrible. Different pill so can’t be changed like the non stepless version.

First mode is for setting the stepless brightness, second mode 70 lumens, third mode 740 lumens. There is nothing in between.

Would have never purchased if the description accurately described the modes. The manual also is wrong about the modes. Hopefully I can at least get a partial refund for the 10 I got….stupid flash sale prices lol.

Now we know. Thank you for your sacrifice!

Appreciate sharing that information. Can you take a picture of that model and post it here? (if you have both the dimming and regular, kindly post side by side too)

Correct me if I am wrong: the light has a tail button and a ring.

first click - entering the steplees dimming- in this one you are rotate the ring to set the intensity.
second click - 70 lmn
third click - 740 lmn

Is this correct?
Maybe some pictures would help.
Thank you.

There is no ring for stepless dimming, it’s unscrewing the head a half turn starts the ramping from low - high or high - low. Tighten the head to lock in the brightness setting

It’s not actually too bad after playing around with it tonight.

You can ramp from any mode except Strobe & SOS.


1. memorized ramp brightness
2. low 8%
3. high 100%

Realized I could select low, rotate the head to ramp up to increase brightness or select high and ramp down if/when needed.

Ramping lumen range - 20 up to 740

You’ll never need to cycle through SOS & Strobe as rotating the head resets it back to the first mode setting. Tapping the switch then cycles back through Low & High.

I’ll upload pictures tomorrow

Had a another look and another driver could be fitted but soldering to the pill is required

I had an S2+ and 18350 tube just waiting to be used. I also had a P60 host with a Nichia 219C D240 not getting much use. So, voila, I swapped emitters:

And the Nitecore head strap wasn't getting much use either.

Edit: the XP-L MCPCB was coupled to the Utorch pill with a thermal adhesive. I actually bent it a little getting it off but flattened it w/o problem.

Once the Nichia was installed, I took some amp readings and got 2.8A with a LIttokala 18650 and 1.5A with an Efest IMR 16340. And no blue-lit dimming at 2.8A due to overdriving the 219c.

This isn't some awesome mod but it's a little feel good project on a sick day. I guess you could say I have two types of fever, today.

Ps.: I'm glad I didn't buy the Folomov 18650s.

I was kind of enthousiastic about the Utorch version with ramping by loosening the head, a nice new concept, so I ordered one.

But I wished that someone who already had one had mentioned the elephant in the room: 112 Hz PWM! :open_mouth: No one can not notice that immediately.

Now I’m stuck with a light with useless driver, and nowhere as easy to mod as the other version :person_facepalming:

Geez… Will they ever learn, i wonder…
The feature sounds nice though, going by the description in previous posts.
But 112 Hz is unacceptable.

Ended up being able to get a $18 USD partial refund. At least I can now sell them cheap to get rid of them

112 Hz PWM is in any mode that is not the highest, also in the fixed modes. Yes, I can always see it.

Also I see it everywhere I go because the lighting industry (and car manufacturers! :person_facepalming: ) have changed over to led but failed to acknowledge for 5 years that flicker below a few thousand Hz is problematic for part of the population. This moment it is finally sinking in and better electronics is used but we’re already stuck with terrible flicker around us for many years to come.

I have yet to see pictures of the ramping version pill and driver.

Could one of you who bought it share some, please?

The pill can be opened with the following steps:

1. Use needle plier to open the bezel ring next to the lens then remove reflector.
2. Next use a needle plier to rotate the pill anti clockwise.
3. The pill will come out through the flashlight head (reflector).

lets see if we can mod the driver to improve?