S2+ Flood recipie

I read that a s2+ was supposed to be floodier then a c8. To my surprise the Tan S2+ I ordered came with a smooth reflector and an xp-l hi. Not much flood you can imagine.

Thinking about rebuilding it. I want to stick to a single 18650. Triple’s seem to be ideal for flood lights. I’d like constant output over the battery life. What do you folks think of something like a Nichia 219c 5000k (or any other if it may work better) triple in series with the Mountain boost driver with a low, perhaps 1a current limit?

I’ve found other triple builds but none in series with a single cell and boost drivers. Maybe there’s a reason for that.

Yeah, a XP-L HI and a SMO reflector isn’t going to flood much for ya. A S2+ with a OP reflector and a HD emitter will be very nice. Or, you might be able to keep what you have and replace the SMO reflector with a nice floody TIR lens. Convoy’s Ali store has some 60 degree ones that work very nice.

If you are hell bent on a triple then go for it but if you are just wanting to get good flood out of the money you already spent then you can do that too. The tan S2+ already has a good driver with Bistro on it so give this TIR a shot.


Just for your comparison. Same emitter, same light, smooth reflector on one, 60 degree waffle type TIR on the other. Same power output on both, 10 feet away from that wall.

That is a nice floody beam, do you know how much light is lost in this optic? (lumens, before and after)

Thanks for giving the option. I was wondering about the light loss on those too.

Not completely bent on a triple. Just thought it would be the more floody option vs say a 6 or 12v led with the boost driver. I’m probably more bent on the constant output part :slight_smile:

According to my light meter. I can only put the light directly on the light sensor or do a ceiling bounce test is a windowless room of the house. I see about a 20% loss. Now I don’t know the exact output of both lights. I only choose a mode on each one that looks close to my eyes and then take the measurements. Sometime tomorrow I can take different readings with the same exact light with a normal SMO reflector and the TIR. As of now I just have two of the same brand of light with the same driver but different reflectors. So needless to say there is quite a bit of room for error on that figure. I can tell you that the waffle type TIR lens still puts out a great bit of light when on high.

Thanks toddcshoe, I may have to buy 1 to try out. (or 25…)

That is the strangest price scale (on the convoy store) I have ever seen.
5 for $4.07
25 for $7.18

They must be making this stuff like pop corn. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a S2+ XML2 T6-4C with OP reflector + a diffuser (not DC-fix) and I guess it gives a more floody beam than with that type of optic (Pebbled TIR 60º)

BLF Member Boaz sells this and other diffusers: DC-Fix Diffusion Film Sale .

Cree 30 Degree Angle Optical Lens (5-Pack) @ FastTech These lenses are inexpensive and nice for a floody beam, I have an S2+ equipped with such for close up work.

You didn't look enough: Post #92 Convoy S2+ triple H1-A boost @ Jensen567's Buck and Boost Drivers, Testing, Modding, and Discussion (Pic Heavy) thread.

Current H1-A driver is a bit different and outputs more than 14V maximum open circuit, so no need to modify output voltage resistor divider.