S21D - what pocket clip fits?

Does anyone know if any of the pocket clips in the Convoy store will fit the s21D?

here’s the screw-on clip recommended by @cannga on his thread:


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Thank you!
Is this the one that mounts in the lanyard holes?


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Nice; thanks!

BTW, the same Convoy clip will also “fit” M21B, M21E, and M21F, even though they are not made for those lights.

The screws that come with the clips are a little short for E and F, so installing is a touch more difficult, but doable. I am not the most skillful person and I was able to install them.

The fit for M21B is perfect. No problem there.

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Yeah, installation is very fiddly. A vise, good needle nose pliers and steady hands are required. I managed to lose one of the little nuts in the process. I tend to think that removing the switch and boot would make the process much easier, and probably (for me) quicker But, judging by pics around here, lots of folks do get it done…

BTW, welcome back @cannga . I have missed your posts.

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Just to round things out a bit, here it is on the M21F

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Thanks so much!

Are those your lights?

Yes. Some of my most favorites are there:

  1. Convoy M21E w/ GT-FC40 (I much prefer 4500k version over the 5000k one)
  2. Wurkkos TS30S SBT 90.2: among cheapest and best jacket sized thrower.
  3. Wurkkos TS32S, where you could have your cake (Nichia 519a for flood and color rendering - picture is mislabeled) and eat it too (SFT40 for throw). This light was created wholly with input from BLF experts. The 519a is unfortunately green at lower output, but at Turbo is THE most beautiful beam color in my small collection. Better to my eyes, ie personal preference, than even legendary 219b.

Thank you. During summer I’ve had no chance to use flashlight for my evening walk, so not much to say. :slightly_smiling_face: Winter is coming so here they come.

I’ve been comparing the Super Valkyrie with other lights that I believe we both have. Goodness that light is a complete pain in the a** to use and charge. Were it not for its rarity and the very super bright wall of light, I probably would never touch it.

Wow, those screw-on clips on the M21E/M21F lining up at a weird 30-45 degree angle from the switch is terrible. I personally like all of my clips to be on the side opposite the switch (although I mostly have tail switch lights like the S21D, which eliminates the problem.)

Yes good point. A screw-on clip limits where you could locate it on the light. There are two openings and where they are depends on luck.

Having said that, I prefer my clip 10-80 degrees counter clockwise from switch so that the clip is not under my fingers or palm. With this wider range of acceptability and two double-hole’s, of my 4 lights with screw on clip, 3 are fine, 1 is borderline fine.

The only “bad” one is in the Super Valkyrie, overall a pain in the as* of a light in so many ways :slightly_smiling_face:, mainly because it only has 1 choice (1 double hole). So overall, if lights have 2 double holes, I’ve been able to find an acceptable placement. For me screw on is so vastly superior to clip on clips that I use it whenever I could.

Yeah… it is an impressive light. Lots of fun to “use”, as long as you don’t use the USB charging nor want to use Turbo…
To be fair, I finally got a cable and charger combo that works. As long as I remember the button presses needed to start charging, it is OK. Honestly, I use an external charger more often than not. But getting the double click for turbo right… I might get it 20% of the time.

I don’t use a clip on it. I found a holster that fits. So that is how I carry it.

Did you paint them yourself? I love some of the colour combos.

Yes I did. I had some yellow spray paint leftover from painting my car’s brake. That’s why everything is yellow :slightly_smiling_face:.

The paint peels off with use though.

Man they look so good! The longer i spend in this hobby the more i appreciate the appearance. I’m just about to get into a grown up led and im starting to think about a ti or copper body… soon :stuck_out_tongue: