SAiK SA-305 WW XM-L Upgrade

Hmm. . . decisions decisions! The only LED on me right now is a DX XP-G R5 (7000k). I’d like a neutral white XM-L really, but not sure where to buy one. Any suggestions?
I’ll probably just put the XP-G in for now and maybe swap to an XM-L later. I would like to go with 3AA’s.

Here’s a thought. What about boring the body out a tad and using a D cell NiMh driving an XM-L with a boost driver? I saw a 700mah boost driver - Illumination Supply? I’ve also seem one around 1A at DX. 700mA would give around 250 lumens from an XM-L. Of course I’m not pushing for max output, but a very usable light with great runtime.

Ok, three posts in a row, I know . . . I threw some NiMh's in this light and tested it out and I must say that it's not nearly as bad as you all (y'all for you southern USA folk - I spent 2 years in Georgia) made it sound to be. The machining is my only real complaint. It barely has any threads on the tail and seems like those threads will start cross-threading and wearing out pretty quick. The beam is a bit ringy, but not that nasty and not too noticeable outdoors. It does throw! I can easily light up a treeline from the street to my rear property line which is 400'. I would say at about 150' the hotspot is about 10' in diameter (not a pencil beam). Mine tailstands just fine with no mods. The switch only takes a very slight press to change modes (I kept turning it off by accident - it's very sensitive). Mine does not change modes due to battery rattle. One negative though, I already lost the lens! I have no idea where or when. I took a look at it, thought the lens looked really really clean and then noticed there was none there! So what size camera filter would fit this? Would I go with a "48mm" filter (since you mention 48mm lens in the O.P.? Or does "48mm" in camera filter terminology refer to the bezel diameter?


I don't know if anyone has ever posted tailcap currents for the stock unit, so here are mine:

High (100%): 0.86A
Low (25%): 0.20A
(On freshly charged Panasonic NiMh cells - very old cells, but holding up well.)

I also found something at Lowes to plug that tripod hole, a 1/4 x 20 set screw:

You can still make out the info on the reverse side of the package.


LED Supply. They have 4500K XML's on 20mm star-nicest tint I've found so far from U.S. dealer.


$11.14 + $4.99 shipping . . . guess you pay for faster delivery! I actually would need a 16mm base though. I looked at Mouser, but it's difficult to look for what you want and they seem to be bare emitters only. I did not check Digi-key, but expect them to be similar.