[SALE] High CRI 90+ Nichias (ENDED)

Hi Djozz,

I want to buy:

4 x 219C 3000K
4 x 219C 3500K

No more egg yolk/spiegelei/bull’s eye/sunny side up for these 144A! It seems that the phosphors in the samples we got were not stirred long enough. I’m still testing and soldering right now. Will update the result in appropriate existing thread

That’s great news!

Djozz, I just realised that the shipping is from inside the EU and therefore without Customs VAT limit.
Would you be so kind to put me down for 10 instead of 4. Thanks!

:+1: :+1: :+1:


Hey TA put me down for 4 of the 4500K 144s as well please.

We don’t have it at the moment. Only 5000K and 5700K ready stock. The delivery time for 144A 4500K from Japan is 21st December

I can wait. I don’t really have a plan for them yet anyway. Thanks for the heads up though.

Definitely interested in some non-spiegelei 144As in 5000K. I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with them to say how many and with/without mcpcbs.

I would like to buy:
1x 144A 90cri 5000k, 6V version
1x VirEnce DTP Board
(to Germany)

Maybe put me down for 4 x 219C 4000K too, because one of the 4 from WWEFANS turns out to be quite green…
Test the rest tomorrow…

Did you get the 9050 3000K you asked from Djozz earlier? Try to mix it in the quad. The red portion in 3000K 9050 is quite high


If I’m not late for the party, please put me down for 25ea 219C 4000K…


Actually, the count would be:

30ea 219C 4000K SM403
1ea NV4W144AM 5000K SM503 + 1ea Djozz 16mm PCB
1ea 219C 3500K SM353


I would like these if still available,

4 piece 219C 4000k


Hey djozz, got any 219C 90cri 4000ks left? I’d like to know if it is possible for me to come pick one up in Amsterdam in person. I’d like to save as much as I can on shipping costs but if it’s too much of a hassle, please just tell me.

Based on counts, there are still plenty of 219C 4000K left. We stocked up 300pcs


Thanks Texas Ace!
If possible you can send my Nichia to DB Custom in Texas.
I’ll be ready to PayPal as soon as you let me know.

Much appreciation for you, clemence, and djozz in this group effort!

I can do that if you want, I will be sending him some stuff soon anyways.

Be sure to remind me when it comes time to ship them.