Saved a few quid on a tool for Enlan pivots.

I’ve just received a keyless drill chuck that works to adjust the triangle pivot screws on Enlan knives.
Not my idea but several people have said that they use a drill chuck to adjust the pivot screw on these knives.

This type.

I have no drill at the moment only a Dremel so I bought one of these, I thought the jaws might not protrude far enough to grip the pivot pin but it works well -

For U.K. members. ebay-U.K. - Keyless Chuck 10MM

£3.75 Including P&P when I bought so a fair saving over the $18 -£11.15 that Exduct want, or $15 if bought with certain knives.

I’m sure U.S.A. or your country’s ebay has similar chucks.

EDITED…………Image of pivot not displaying.

Interesting, I’m sure we all have drills around!

Nice score Steve. The chuck works well w/ the Enlan “delta” screw, just not so handy if a “field” adjustment is needed.

I have used a similar chuck w/ my Enlans so I’ll pass along this hint: If the chuck “nose” isn’t flat, use a file to make it flat, that way it will grip the screw correctly.

Gurthang, Thanks for the tip.
It’s a happy coincidence that when the jaws are just proud of the chuck they are the right size for the pivot, for a £3.75 chuck it is remarkably well made.

Another score is the phosphor-bronze washers I’ve just bought from USA Knifemaker . I bought a selection of 72, 6 pairs of 6 different sizes/thicknesses. The 1/4”ID 1/2”OD fit the Enlan/Bee pivots on the larger knives anyway. The washer that is opposite the lock bar is nylon, exchange this for a phosphor-bronze and tune the lock bar a bit, just so it engages the tang firmly, but without the detent ball dragging and pressing on the blade so hard.
The result is well worth the effort and paying nearly as much postage as the washers cost.

Cool tip! Any idea what to use on my Leen 1203-1's pivot screw (top in the pic)?



Always glad to share ideas & tips. Glad to read you’ve upgraded the pivot washers, it makes a huge improvement in any knife w/ cheap washers [including some fairly $$$ makes]. Here are two more tips;

Polish the washers before installing them. Use jewelers rouge & a hard smooth surface [like a pane of glass] to polish the washers and remove any oxidation and unevenness. When you really get a nice polish, oil will almost bead on the washer surface.

If you find the blade lock-up or blade centering have shifted w/ only a single washer add a second washer to the pivot on the lock-up side of the liners. I’ve added an extra washer to my EL-01s just for that reason.

It’s got three ‘dimples’ on the edge, try to start loosening the pivot by tapping it round with something like a centre punch, then once it’s started maybe a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

I’d try heating it with a soldering iron first in case there’s thread locker, Loctite, on the threads.

As a last resort cut a slot using a Dremel or hacksaw, if you can find out the pivot sizes you might be able to source a replacement with a more normal head, good luck with that.

Before trying the centre-punch method, or any of them really, clamp the knife firmly in a vice otherwise a lot of the force applied will be wasted.

It might be that three nails in a piece of dowel (broom handles are cheap) spaced right would do the trick.

Exduct sell a tool for Enlan/Bee pivots both the delta (thanks Gurthang) type and the one with three holes but looking at the Leen next to the Enlan it might be too small Just noticed the Enlan is the EM-01 not the EL-01 so it might fit. Only $30 for the pair - Or $18 each.

You might be able to grease the head of the pivot, preferably with some sort of mould release agent, then use JB weld or something similar to cast a mould and use it to turn the pivot.

When I’m adjusting the pivots on Bee knives I put the shank of the right sized drill in two of the holes and use a lever to turn it.
Post if you find a way, I’ve been eyeing up that knife but I have to admit that the pivot and stand-off screws put me off.

Gurthang, I’ve glued a piece wet/dry sandpaper 1500 grit to a wooden block and give the washers a rub on there until I can see a polished surface all over. I check the washers that come out with a digital caliper and put ~ the same thickness in replacement. At the moment I have washers 0.005” and 0.010” for the side opposite the lock bar, they seem to all be nylon, the other side is usually brass or phosphor bronze and smaller OD than I have at the moment, the ones that I have foul the lock bar, so the original gets a truing up and put back in.
It does make a big difference and the knives are so inexpensive that I don’t mind spending ~ $0.40 per knife for the improved smoothness in the action.

I found that an Exduct E01 had been assembled with the pivot so tight that the liners were narrower at the base than at the stop pin. When I emailed them they said that the pivots are tightened before shipping so customs don’t think they are a gravity knife. That knife is now smooth as it should be. The scales are striped Ebony and there’s no clip or lanyard hole. It’s a flipper with thumb studs as well although they’ll be going when I get round to it.


Interesting about the location of the nylon washers. I seem to recall that one EL-01 had the nylon washer on the lock-up side and another was the opposite. Not surprised though, the fact they get all the parts in the right place [for this price] is remarkable.

I’ve looked at the E01, very good looking knife. Sorta looks like a cross between the Enlan L-04 and L-05. I’d probably buy at least one if it had a clip. Right now the L-05 is my EDC w/ an EL-01 my work EDC.

I managed to adjust the pivot screw on mine with needle nose pliers (I haven’t tried to adjust the smaller screws).

Good to know! I'll give it a try.



Its mentioned in other threads on here and other forums as well when people ask about tools to take them apart.

Its a pretty good idea, I told the seller I bought mine from to do it this way too because they didn’t have a tool and the knife had to be shipped in 2 parts for me to get it.