I would mount the driver i something similar to this. Tonight i will take my K75 apart to see how it is done.

2 astrolux 2p2s battery carriers can be made into 1 4p carrier with no modification to the boards.

Grin, taking the k75 apart would be much appreciated. Really, Looking forward to it.

And also, which driver is that in your pic, looks super familiar.

Taskled H6Flex.

My 3 ordered SBT90.2's arrived today. I got a couple spare GT's to play with. The LED's are a big assembly - no idea how I'll fit them in a reflector. Might be better off in a zoomie for now. I got a couple big zoomies - the 1504. Betta it would be interesting in one of these...

I did dismantled my K75 and soldered some cables between the driver and led to measure current. Results
Low 500ma
Mid low 800ma
Mid high 2.7A
High 5.9A
Turbo 28.7A

How do you plan to driver them and at what current? I have some GT reflectors for scratch builds, a massive triple with 3 GT reflectors would be fun but the power needed would be huge. I have 6 on order and im going to need drivers.

Straight FET or FET+1. Doesn't need anything special. Even the SIR800DP can handle the amps, but I have better FETs. If the K75 can do 28 amps, should be able to match it, or little better perhaps.

That's pretty good #'s. The 1504 unfortunately is designed for a 16 mm MCPCB - forgot bout that, but looks like I could dremel it out to about 19 mm, so might do that. The other high performance zoomie is the Brinyte B158 - I got one with an empty spare brass pill, and that's for a 20 mm MCPCB.

Still a good deal here:

Cheers I am getting my head around how to drive them, it should be simple enough. I ordered mine on 45mm mcpcb.

This sounds very interesting

Also interested in a beginner mod type option

I finished the 1540 mod, details here: Not getting the amps I was hoping for, but it's not fully tweaked for high amps - should use a better FET, thicker wires, etc.

SBT 90.2 conversion kits for BLF GT would be fantastic, this would be THE led for this light.

Id imagine its not “if” but “when” it happens. And when it does, sign me up! As tempting as it was, I just couldn’t bring myself to swap for the XHP70 kit and lose out on the downrange concentrated illumination and efficiency the XHP35 provides. I have plenty of large flooders to fill the gap and dont need another. With the SBT90.2 in the GT, there should be no compromise and hopefully greater range with the same useable spill the XHP35 already provides. 8 x 18650’s should provide the perfect economical solution to minimize voltage sag while allowing the host to heat itself to some nice hand warming temps!

The awesome specs for the chunky GT host speaks for itself and is practically screaming for this upgrade. As always, patience is a virtue…

If this happens, and it is doable for a (handy) novice like me I’m certainly in!
I use the GT a lot in my work, and now I arranged a K75 for a colleague of me (still wouldn’t want to change because of UI and step-down) I’m having my eyes open for something stronger/newer/better:)

Any updates for the “SBT90.2 In BLF GT”?

Interested in this.

It’s happening…SBT-90.2 in the BLFGT (FACTORY) Fom Lumintop!! :wink: :+1:

Just in a nick if time! :+1:

Me too…

word is there is very hard to get ahold of this emitter in large bulk in china now…