Searching for a 8*7135 driver with temp sensor and free pin 5 or 6

Hi all
I want to build a headlamp using a "of the shelf" driver and burning my own FW so I am searching for a driver with these features:

1. Internal temperature senor (for my understanding Attiny25/85)

2. Option to connect to one of the PWM pins without soldering directly to the MCU so I will still be able to program it using a clip for example star 2 in Najang 105c.

The reason for "2" is to connect 8*7135 slave board for a 2nd LED and control it using the free PWM pin.

If you know a source for a 8*7135 slave board it is also helpful.


External temperature sensor is also possible but I don't know if there are commercial drivers using external sensor

If your writing your own FW, couldn’t you replace the attiny13 with a 85 to gain the mcu internal temp. I have replaced the 13 to a 85 several times with the blf a6 17dd fet+1 driver to be able to run NarsilM. The fet+1 drivers that most of these FW’s use here was born from the 105C driver. Comfychair got the bright idea of taking a 105C driver and replacing one of the amc7135’s with a fet and that started this whole new fet+1 driver world. Im not a expert at FW’s, but I wouldn’t think there would be to much difference between the two drivers as far as writing code to make it work with the 105C.
Maybe you could use this driver and instead of controlling the fet on the board, remove it and use the appropraite fet pad to control the slave board.

Thanks moderator007,
I had a lot of trouble finding soic8 Attiny 85 to replace the 13, where do you buy it from?

The H17Fx is a good option although It is a bit more expensive than the 105c, I was hoping to find a budget driver :)

TA17? Texas Avenger "TA" Driver series - Triple channel + Bistro or Narsil + Clicky or E-switch - The Ultimate open source driver!

You do have to bend the legs in to fit the original pads, not hard to do at all.
I purchased mine from Arrow but I think Digikey has them also. Arrow’s free overnight shipping was a pretty sweet deal while it lasted.

I think Lexel still sales the TA17 that e1000 linked above. He could probably answer any question you might have.

Thank you all, I will check the TA17

As mentioned above, the 85 can be made to fit 13a footprint by bending it’s legs. Here are a few images from my earlier drivers where I was using a 85 with bent legs on a smaller footprint.

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