Searching for a high-CRI flood

Try a light that uses a G3, and just pop out the reflector.

Angular tint-shift is so horrible that even near a wall you can see the blue straight out and yellow on the periphery.

Mule or not, you need something to mix up the light better to even out the colors.

Niwalker ES3 Samsung LED

I preach for my parish,
Only 21700, no adapter and I don’t search for its.
I plan to make some video tonight with it and other light for compare.
I’d put it when I had time.
Picture later.

Absolutely no hotspot :kiss: :blush: no worry to 1000 lumens sustain

Going by reviews the NOV-MU can only sustain more than 1000 lumens for 4 minutes, before a gradual decline to 600-700 lumens. 4 minutes may be long enough for some photography use cases, but not others. The RB9 can sustain 1,000 lumen for most of its runtime. Both will out perform the lume cube 2.0 which I measured at 650 lumen (far less than claimed), but at least it can sustain that output.

I haven’t measured it but I hold it in my hand while using it so maybe the heat sinking helps. I normally don’t turn it on for more than 4 minutes at a time to conserve energy so it just appears really bright to me whenever it is on.