Seeknite S11 / BORUiT Mini ($14 Rovyvon Clone) mini review and comparison

Wellp, like who’s actually going to use most of those retarded blinky modes? What’s the point?

Like taking a useful light and dressing it up in a clown suit…

I bought one of these clones on Amazon for running.

I was using a Rovyvon, but it died after several months, and I didn’t want to pay for another one.

I mostly use the white side light. I put kapton tape over it so its yellow now. The side white light has PWM pretty bad, but doesn’t bother me because I use it as a marker light when running.

For my purpose it works great.

Then get yourself a Rovyvon A5x if you don't like cheap.

Just found on Alibaba. This one is called Starynite. One piece is US$10.

The same manufacturer in China must be marketing its product under different brands by different vendors.

And it claims to be a “new patent”! (?)

I just did a teardown of a similar (identical ?) flashlight:

Thats not what I mean,
but great idea :smiley:

Regards Xandre

saw it on amazon US for 13$ prime shipping

Yes. Aurora A8. Very similar. No magnet. Micro USB charging.

I’ve had mine for a couple years now. Still works fine. It’s “double-click” to turn on. That’s annoying. I wish it had long-press for on. However, it’s long-press for OFF. Which is just as ANNOYING. This is why it rides on my house keys keyring and gets only occasional use. I have used it as a visibility beacon at night, though. And that works great.

This is the issue with the Aurora A8. Rather notable PWM in low modes… and it’s less noticeable on brightest intensity. I wouldn’t buy another RovyVon until they solve the PWM problem and switch to USB-C charging. I’ve not seen any sign of progress as yet. I also wish they’d go to a 10180 cell that’s user replaceable. Once THAT is achieved, I’d get another RovyVon. I like the design.

So even if that other cheapo BORUiT Mini is only $15, I’ll pass. If I needed a flashy-for-visibility beacon light and didn’t care about the white LED illumination, I would probably grab one. But I absolutely hate visible PWM.

Mine died already, the same way the Rovyvon died, it wont turn off anymore. All the modes still work, but instead of off the light stays on and flickers a bit. Eventually the battery dies.

That’s a bummer. For that price, there will be inconsistent QC.

Regarding your RovyVon, how long after you bought it did it suffer that failure of being unable to turn off?

I agree, bummer. The generic lasted about 3 weeks. The Rovyvon lasted about 5-6 months.

I’m trying the Nitecore TIKI LE now.

That is a weird malfunction. Only problem I can think of is the A2sHB MOSFET for the SST20 has kicked the bucket, but MOSFETs almost always fail short. What happens when you turn on the side lights? Is the SST20 still flickering? can you check if the gate has any voltage on it when it is supposed to be off (I marked the gate with a green G):

You could probably get Ground on the battery connector (the one opposite to where it says “5V”).
If you’re not sure how to disassemble the flashlight see my teardown thread, it’s very easy to take apart.

I thought the very same thing, but bought one because it was very cheap and has a large battery.
The UI is actually quite good. When you activate the side LEDs it goes to constant white light, and you can turn it off directly from there, skipping all the annoying blinky modes.

My light has a bit of a flaw, though: Sometimes it will register additional clicks, that is, inputting two clicks may have the effect of three and three may have the effect of four. One time, a single click turned on the light (which is supposed to be double click). I guess the debouncing isn’t implemented well enough (this type of button usually generates multiple signals when you press it, filtering the unwanted signals out is called debouncing).
Does anybody else observe this on their light?

Also, a cautionary note: I did some battery temperature measurements. In UV mode, the light produces excessive heat, enough to damage the battery if left running continuously (see details here ).

This is more a rip of the Nitecore Tiki than the Rovyvon. The Nitecore Tiki was the rip (or sale of the design) of the Rovyvon. I wouldn’t assume that these designs are stolen, they’re often sold or licenced.

Received my S11 today. For less than 1/2 the price I’d say it competes quite well with the Rovyvon A5X.

What I like:
-USB-C port
-UV and RED side lights
-Good UI (same as Rovyvon)
-Magnets in the tail

What I don’t like
-CW side light
-Button sticks sometimes
-Police strobe is useless

Battery capacity (charging):
A5X: 54min to full, 0.35A max, 1.23Wh,
S11: 29min to full, 0.51A max, 1.03Wh

Same lenght and diameter, but the S11 has a longer metal head. The larger switch is easier to find in the dark but the clicky tends to stick. I got the clear body but there’s also GTID bodies available.

S11 has two tiny magnets on the back, it’s weak and can barely hold its own weight.

USB-C on S11 vs Micro USB on the A5X

S11 has an CW, red, UV and blue side lights. A5X only has dual NW and red. Except for the police strobe, I like the S11 aux lights better. the UV is handy for charging watch lumes.

S11 has a more neutral tint and slightly floodier beam

While the A5X has the typical XP-G3 CW and tint shift yellow corona, also a tad more output, but hardly noticeable unless compared side by side.

I have the GITD (SST20) variant. My meter is not detecting any PWM on moonlight (2lm), low (25lm) and turbo (400lm). Medium (87lm) and high (300lm) is around 20khz PWM.

As for the side LEDs, both cool white and red are at 200hz PWM.

I just found out about these type of lights 2 days ago and of course became obsessed with them. So far I’ve bought:

1 RovyVon A1x = is external) = $19.99
1 Zixear = is external) S11 Clone, paid too much $16.99
2 S11s = is external) USA shipped $10.74 – $12.63 each. I bought 2 so $11.37 each.

So far I’ve only received the RovyVon A1x. I am going to toy with taping it beam side down on the end of a fishing pole for catfishing at night. On it’s lowest setting it should be plenty bright without attracting clouds of bugs.

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