Shadow SL3 with 9A driver?

sure, or hold for like 10 minutes 0:)


If you triple click it goes to high, and you can skip the delay

I like my standard version a lot so depending on price I’m in. Go ahead and put my name down.

Ok, just updated the list :slight_smile:
Yeah, love mine. A 9A version for short bursts would be amazing, especially if it can run off 1 cell :slight_smile:
No more news yet though.


Have my eye on this thread

So Jake, could it run off one cell?

One cell is very unlikely

I can live with 2 cells. Add me to the list.

I think there are some improvements to be made together with 9A upgrade. Why not go all in? :wink:

*~9A boost mode
*Double click for on is better, like dthrckt said. Hold for boost mode and triple click for strobe would be awesome.
*Maybe XM-L2 U2 as emitter? Would give 3357-3579 lumens minus losses. :bigsmile:
*2 cells with use of extension tube would be awesome!

I bet there’s something else 8)

I like the sound of that :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me…like the others, final price will be a consideration but for now, add my name to the list. How about using XM-L-U3’s?

if it runs on 1 cell i am for sure interested

if it runs on two - well see about the price and choice of emitter (xml2u2 would be nice or even xmlu3)

mark me down “if it runs on one cell” for now plz :slight_smile:

Put me down 4 1 thanks - My call would be 1 battery (with a spare 2 batt tube maybe) firmer to press instant on/off button, stop the strobe coming on so easily when changing modes.

BTW thought I’d mention that I bought the JM26, a guy at work fell in love and had to have it so I sold it to him, he also wanted to buy one for his brother so I ordered two more (one for me) but the new ones I got IU was back to front L/M/H instead of original H/M/L strange?

Thanks for the interest, i thought this thread had died :slight_smile:

For those that missed it, i modded my SL3 to 9Amps after reading this thread about the JM26 and asking a few members who mod, how to go about it. Shadow JM26 Driver (Place for more AMC7135)


Or………… we could just give you the $$ and you buy 25 then you work your magic on each one :smiley:

The thought did cross my mind, but i didn’t feel my job was tidy enough to sell. I was going to buy a second SL3 to have another go at making it neater, but haven’t got round to it.

Nice part of the world your in Glenn :slight_smile: I’ve relations in Tasmania.


Yes I love Tassie its a very safe and free place to live, we only have half a mil on the whole island - I live just out of Hobart - when are you coming to visit ;D

I have faith in you bud, I would be happy to pay you to do my light - I don’t care how it looks inside (even if the the soldering looks like chicken poo :slight_smile:

Interested, please add me to the list.

Thanks, added to the list :slight_smile: