Sharing My Recent Cycling/Camping Trip

Looks like a great trip, Garry! I think I’ll stick to bikes with engines though. :slight_smile:

Woot looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing man.

Engine or not, it comes down to this… two wheels good, four wheels bad.

Nice, sure look like fun confirm is fun!!

Tent set up beside table sure feel extra safe.

Just thought I'd mention that The Great Allegheny Passage is listed by National Geographic as one of the "Best Fall Trips of 2012". There are some exotic international locations on the list and I'm not quite sure why the G.A.P. ranks up with them, but apparently National Geographic thought so! I would have thought the well known Pine Creek Gorge Rail Trail voted by USA Today as one of the "10 great places to take a bike tour" would have ranked higher. I would also think the "Hiawatha Trail" in Idaho might rank up there too. Then there's the "North Bend rail Trail", 72 miles long with 13 tunnels and 36 bridges.

I'd LOVE to plan a trip out to the Hiawatha trail! I've been through Idaho twice before (1987 & 1989), but never for a bike trip. Maybe someday! The North Bend trail is total feasible as it's only 3 hours away from me. Hmm . . . maybe since there seem to be so many cyclists here on BLF, a few of us could meet up.


North Bend? Is it in Indiana? I should probably just Google it.

West Virginia - Clarksburg to Parkersburg.


Its awesome :bigsmile:

Thanks garry for sharing it with us

LOL, this is why I don’t play Trivial Pursuit.