Shiningbeam X-thrower

Good morning! When I first got back into flashlights a few months ago I purchased an X-thrower with a sst-50.I liked it well enough until I got a Romisen t601 and saw what a properly driven XM-L could do!I just recieved the XM-l X-thrower driven at 2.8 amps and I really like it. Great beam pattern and a great tint…not quite as cold.Now I have a very under driven SST–50 light just sitting around. I’m not sure if I should gift it to my brother, or try and modify it.A quick look and it dosen’t appear to come apart like my other lights. I would like to bypass the driver and make it direct drive if that is possible. I don’t know the limits of the sst-50 but I believe it can be driven much harder than and XM-l.Anyone have any ideas?-Rick

Here you can see a test of the SST-50 emitter (no bin mentioned).

Thanks Hikelite…but I keep getting page not found error for your link?

I feel the same, well built light with nice beam just way under driven. Hopefully, someone can offer help!

Works for me, RAW :expressionless:

The link works for me.

This is the title, try the search function:

Results: Testing XM-L, MC-E, SST-50, and XP-G emitters **Updated**

Thanks Boro, but I might be beyond help today!I can’t even get a link to work!I’ll just use the search function.-Rick

Me too same error