side switch in a tr-j19

So I’ve been researching for my next light and I have an idea for what I’m looking for, but I need some advice from yall about how to proceed. Let me give you some background info. I bought a TK75 and love it, except that the tube is too big around (too large diameter). My TK75 is for sale by the way. So, I’m looking for something to replace it. I’m almost dead set on getting a Trustfire TR-J19, with the intention of modding it. I like that it’s tube has a smaller diameter, it has good heat sinking properties, it’s easy to mod, deep reflectors, three emitters, can use various sized cells (18650, 26650, and 32650?), and it looks like it’s just the right size/shape for me. I’ve been doing some other mods and I’m confident that I can mod it with three new xml-2’s on 20mm noctigens, a new driver, and larger wires.

The only thing that bugs me is the tail switch in this size light. I would like to fabricate a way to delete the tail switch (should be easy), and install a side switch (not so easy). I would probably have to fabricate a tube extension and a switch holder to fit inside the extension. Don’t know how to do this, but I know someone with a lathe that could help me out with this fabrication.

I would even be interested in buying a different flashlight (maybe this one?) and using that tube to mate to the head of the j19, but who knows if they would mate up and work???

So basically, I want a J19 (or similar light) with a side switch. Any suggestions?

what about that new 18x xml light that just came out?

I saw that a couple of days ago, huge light!…just too big and too many led’s. I’m looking for a 3x xml.

Since I’m not getting many responses regarding the j19, has anyone fabricated a side switch on a flashlight that originally came with a tail switch? Looking for some input in general in that regard.

I have some ideas. But thats as far as it got.

The j19 is pretty flakey on 18650 cells, they are just too small for the huge contacts, I would say 26650 cells is the minimum sensible size without modifying the positive and negative contacts.

For a sideswitch. If you have access to a lathe, look up some of MrsDNF’s threads.

Machine a hollow housing, a delrin switch carrier, two copper contacts and a judco switch from mouser and your away.

Yeah, I was planning on using 26650 cells, or maybe even get some 32650 cells, but right now I’m undecided on which ones to use. I’ve got protected 3400 mah 18650 pannys, but I didn’t know how well they would do. I just pulled the trigger and bought the tr-j19 from fast tech. I also ordered this driver to put in it.

What you described is pretty much what I had in mind for fabricating the side switch. Thanks for the lead on MrsDNF’s threads, I’ll go search them and see what I can find (hopefully some pictures). I’ll definately take pics and post up the progress when I get started on it. Thanks for the input, keep it coming if anyone else has some, it’s greatly appreciated!

Feilong protected cells are tight in the tube. 26700 cells are a touch long but can be persuaded to work.

Mine has the dry driver in. I plan to try the lck led 5a driver in the future but life is in the way at the the moment.

I have done that in a 15 xm-l ( crap flashlight dont buy it! the reflector are a crap)

But I have not removed the rear switch, because the side switch “is electronic” and i want to have one non electronic swich too

I would also like to do same in this nice flashlight:
12-xm- 6x18650

but it would require a much smaller switch

I hope these help. Theres probably a 1000 ways to do this but heres 3. You will have to scroll down to find the pictures. I’d love to see your mod if you go ahead with it.