Similar to the Wuben E05, but click on, click off.

Tempting, not much info on UI though.

Skilhunt M150 in the second mode group. Available with a 5000K 90CRI LH351D. I have one and love it. I also had the Wuben E05 and while I liked it, the hold-for-off got to be too much for me as well.

Mode Group B is click on/off. Single click for memory. Hold for low, double for turbo. Small, well regulated. Magnetic tailcap. Side switch. Magnetic USB charging. Great light :+1:

The only reason why I didn’t recommended this one - that I like and used today - is because of the mode order ML-L-M-H-T-H-M-L-ML when cycling :weary:
Also, because of the parasitic drain if the switch beacon is turned ON :zipper_mouth_face:

I wish Skilhunt could fix both these things and make it use the M200 UI and no parasitic drain! :innocent:

Fair points. I leave the beacon off - I love aux illumination but it needs to be steady. And yeah, the mode order of up and back down is a bit different but something I can work with (better that than hold-for-off!)

Why does hold for off exists? I’m still pretty new to flashlights in general, but it’s there a camp of people who prefer it, or does it exists because it’s easier from an engineering standpoint to design?

As I wrote, Xanes XT03 may be the best choice for you. It has click On, click Off. Press and hold for cycling through the modes M - L - H - T. Pretty bright, 900lm with a 14500.

The product description mentiones Strobe and Moon modes. How to access them?

I second this question :wink:

Also, does the flashlight have memory?

Not sure if I understand correctly, do you mean the side switch operation is:

- click to turn on/off

  • hold to change brightness levels?

1) Blitzwolf BW-ET1: uses AA/14500, has click for On/Off, hold to adjust brightness (it only has smooth ramping, but the ramping is slow, unlike Anduril). There are shortcuts to Turbo (double-click) and Strobe (triple-click). Has mode memory.

(unfortunately this model doesn’t seem to be available now in BG) Other than the slow ramping, I find this flashlight good to use. Also, it does not have PWM in any level.

2) Klarus Mi7: uses AA/14500, click to cycle Off -> High -> Low -> Off (so need to cycle from High to Low first before going to Off; but it has only 2 brightness levels). Actually there is a Moon level, but accessible only from Off (hold to turn on in Moon level). Double-click to Strobe/SOS. Triple-click for Batt-check. Holding down for 5 seconds results in Lockout mode (need triple-click to unlock)

The Lumintop EDC05 and UTorch UT01 uses hold for Off, so won’t satisfy your criteria.

XT03 does have the mode memory.

Access to Strobe ———- Double click from Off
Access to Moon ————-Press and hold (about 1s) from Off . Or single click from Off, if the Moon is memorised.

Yes, it does.

How about the skilhunt m150 with Samsung LED?

When set to Mode B, one click for on and off.

Thanks for both replies :wink:

While strobe is not so nice at double click, I like the direct access to moon.

Last question: After moon - does the light go to memorized mode or to the lowest mode in the set?

Aaah, I spent time looking at Sofirn SP10S review thinking I’ve found the one I like, but only to realize it’s also a hold for off UI. Blah!

Looks like Xanes xt03 is the front runner so far.

The M200 is likely the smallest 18650 light I’ve got. You can see in my lineup that it’s just a shade bigger’n the 14500-based Xeno E03 and on par with the also-14500 GTmicro, so it’s one hella compact light.

Just go with the M200…

Column-shifter vs console-shifter. Toilet-paper over the roll or under the roll. Cap on the toothpaste or off. No matter which one you prefer, someone will insist that you’re just plain wrong, and the other way is The True Way.

People kill each other for less.

Me personally, I “grew up on” longpress for off, quick click to change modes, so I don’t care and can switch back’n’forth easily, as I got lots of lights with each way. I do dislike press’n’hold to change modes, and any light that has click-off better have ramping as well as discrete steps.

I do like the M200, and I have a Skilhunt H04, and the Samsung 351 is nice. Just hard to pay that price when Wuben and Sofirn are ALMOST there with less than half the price, just need a slight UI change.

I don’t know why I’m so much willing to pay $50 for headlamp, but less willing for a EDC handheld. I guess when I look at $20 headlamps, the options are farther away from what I want.

The lastest Thrunite T10T V2 is simple click On/Off.

In addition to taking AA/14500.

Well, if I agree that it is a small and elegant 18650, I also have to say that I have smaller/shorter 18650s, and also that carrying a M200 is certainly not the same as carrying a M150. The size speaks for itself.

And that was the reason why I would ask Skilhunt to make the UI similar to the M200. Both are great lights, but for EDC I would prefer something like the M150. The M200 is my backpack light, btw :wink:

M200 vs Emisar D4 (18650)

M200 vs M150

M150 vs Sofirn SP10B / Wuben E05 / Manker E11