Single CR123/16340 Anduril light?

Now that my collection is all powered by rechargeable batteries, I’ve got a stash of CR123 lithium primaries to get rid of.

Does a single-123 Anduril light exist yet? I didn’t see one in my perusal of the master list.

Thinking that candle mode will make some cozy microwave dinners.

i doubt it. I subscribed to the thread with hopes that i’m proven wrong!

CR123 primaries = 3V, so it would have to be a single led, and it will have a short run time before LVP kicks in.

Is Anduril optimized for higher voltage like 16340s?

I don’t think that Anduril is optimized for Li Ion voltages (3.6 - 4.2v) per se. It’s just that the rest of the driver often is. Buck, FET, and Linear (7135) drivers rely on the battery voltage being just slightly higher than the LED’s forward voltage. Buck drivers step down the voltage, and Linear burn the excess as heat. Otherwise, you need a boost driver to increase the voltage. Driver Types.

You could DIY StaticX57’s Anduril Candle for 2xCR123a or 1xCR123a, but it would require redesigning the power path.