Single mode Convoy L2

I want to build a Convoy L2 with the following specs:

1) 2x26650 (or 2x21700 in carbon tube as spacers)
2) 200kcd+, with some spill
3) 1 mode
4) Momentary

What LED emitter (XPL HI, SST-40 shaved dome, etc.), copper pill, and what driver should I use? Any information, especially on components, are welcome.

Hope to hear from you.

In my F13 mod, I used a

because I needed a 22mm driver, and wanted only 1 mode (full tilt). This ostensibly handles 3V-15V on input, so should work for 1-2 cells.

Momentary, just use a FC switch so that you can still click it to keep it on.

Forgot what emitter’s in the light stock, but it was fine for me. The L2’s nice and throwy as-is.

Thanks for your reply!

What do you mean by “full tilt”? Is it 1 mode only?

The stock LED emitter is an XPL-HI, with 130kcd measured by one of the BLF members. Here’s a link Convoy L2 driver and LED options - #13 by Pok

I’m just using this Convoy L2 with 2 cells, so I want the most out of it, without hurting the LED. Can I expect 200kcd flat until the batteries drain, without the LED getting damaged?

Yeh, 1-mode, 100% only.

For ages, my EDC was a 1-mode ~1.4A ’502. On, off, done.

I got 2 L2s, box queens. Hardly ever used ’em. Wellp, aside from testing (not DOA) and playing around one night, they’re back in the boxes snoozing. Forget the W30, I don’t really have the “need” for even an L2. Nice lights, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a niche light to me.

My nightstand Cometa can zoom The Bat Signal if I want it, got a P30, C8T, and now GTmini if I want… when would I “need” that little bit more throw like from an L2?

So… I got ’em, but ain’t really familiar with ’em. Bone-stock, no mods.

Sounds awesome!

Thanks for the input!

No worries.

Gotta ask again :stuck_out_tongue:
What driver should I replace A17DD with to get single mode, constant current on SST40 dedome?

Me? Unno.

I’ll ask around some more :smiley: