SKILHUNT Offers │ New for EC series, Coming soon!

Okay, I missed the UI update on the product page. I have to say that it is a great improvement, whole UI will be more versatile then H03 (which was also a huge improvement over H02).
You are doing it good Skilhunt!

H04 series looks good. Good UI !

H04 will have improved UI, which is nice, but why to use same outdated cool low cri xm-l2 and to narrow 30 degree optic lens?


H03 SE special edition LED headlamps

This looks promising.
The old one was great, I believe this one too.

H03 “SE” Special Edition has the same UI as the new H04?

What’s in this “Special”?

I fail to see how H04 is different from H03SE, aside from different style (which doesn’t suit me) and higher weight (which was IMHO the biggest strength of H03)…can anyone enlighten me on that?

H03 weighs 44g
H04 weighs 46g

H03 SE is an H03 offered with H04 firmware/UI.

H04 series seems to come with a better quality headband and Armytek style clip holder.

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What I really like from H04 bracket is the ability to retain the pocket clip while installed.
Extra 2gr is nothing IMO. Ordered one sample for my next build.
Good design thought!


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Yipee. Been waiting a while for this upgrade. And perfect timing since I ordered some extra new quadtrix from Clemence. Hopefully the H04 has the same threads as the H03. My H03 shorty is still the smallest of all 18350 angle light shorties I have. Maybe skilhunt should offer 18350 tubes. A lot of people have been asking about my shorty H03.

Thanks, I will forward your feedback to our related department.

Wish there was some high CRI options.

I ordered Astrolux S1 tube because it was said to fit - but it didn’t. So I’m still looking for 18350 tube…

Optional programming dongle would be GRRRREAT addition to your product Skilhunt.


This is the one I ordered that fit. I just added some thin o-rings.

Virence edition would also be great :D.

That’s literally the one I ordered as well. The same position in the same store.
The thing is that BLF A6 and Astrolux S1 tubes are bundled under a single store position - and they are not compatible. There seems to be a lottery of what they ship. :person_facepalming: