SKILHUNT Offers │ New for EC series, Coming soon!

Dang did not know that this store was also affected by the lottery. I got lucky then. Hopefully, skilhunt makes the 18350 tube happen. Would also mean none of that nasty red adhesive they use for the tube.

In fact I would love to upgrade my H03 and I guess Lumintop HL3A will be the replacement as it should be offered with high CRI SST-20. I don’t really care for having more then 300-400 lm strapped to my forehead so even a single one under standard skilhunt TIR would do for me.

Christmas Sale! Up to 40% Off

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+ $4.21 shipping.

>H04 series seems to come with a better quality headband and Armytek style clip holder.

I don't think that's right.

All the official product pics show the same headband as the H03 and this unboxing video suggests the same:

Edit to add:

The H04 seems to add the ability to edit the brightness levels of the 4 pre-set modes.
Otherwise, both lights appear identical.

New Release!

M200 New Editable LED Flashlight

High CRI LED version available now!

Nice upgrade, SKILHUNT! :+1:
As I understand, there are 3 versions of the new M200: the 351D version and two Cree versions(NW and CW). But its not clear, which Cree are used: XPL or XPL2?

CW is XPL(temporarily), NW is XPL2, 351D is 5000K, 850 Lumen (detail as below images.)

OK, thanks for explanation.

BTW, no news about M300?

Very professional of you Skilhunt to share the exact binning with us :+1:

I like the looks of the H04F and hope to have funds to buy one soon.

Maybe you can buy it on our Aliexpress

New Release! M200 New Edition LED Flashlight

Sorry for the M300 delay. The testing data did not meet our expected, so we delay it and make sure everything as we expected.

I hope it can be ready within one month….

High CRI version and NW version available for M150 flashlight

High CRI LED (LH351D 90 CRI) version available for M200 and M150

Very nice :+1: . But please, share more infos about the used LEDs!

Samsung LH351D

Thanks for sharing the exact binning. R1 bin hopefully will give good tint since it is on or below BBL.