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Any discount codes for M150?

Spring Festival Sale

Orders are acceptable but will be delayed and shipped on Feb.3, 2020.

Are there any plans to release H04 series with newer emitters like SST40 or Osram Osconiq P?

Hi SKILHUNT. Any discounts in your ALI store?

Probably one of the best EDC lights I have! I love the configurable UI and the LED choice :wink:
Well done Skilhunt!
Light reviewed here: “REVIEW”: Skilhunt M200 [2019] - 1x18650/2xCR123a – 5000K High CRI – 1100 Lumens – Configurable UI [PIC HEAVY]

Personally I’d like to see high CRI in the H04. LH351D would be a good and obvious choice seeing as they’re already using these in their other lights.

The Lh351D under the TIR optics would be awesome! :+1:

Personally, I go for the longest possible stable operation ( =low Vf ) times.
Meanwhile, I ordered a H04R RC and it has arrived. I will replace the emitter with an SST-40 soon. A 3V XHP50.2 was also an option but I prefer the possibility to have better throw.

H04 + Samsung LH351D 3500K CRI 90 + narrow ,medium and wide TIR in box = mission impossible ;))

Well, if You create that box… :smiley:

Samsung LH351D 90+ cost 1$ , TIR few cents. But no. Still mission impossible. Still preferred low CRI, cold, expensive CREE led and narrow TIR. :person_facepalming:

Maybe Skilhunt knows that modding is fun. :nerd_face:

Update: Finally, I made my own SST40 mod on my H04R RC. Works well. Better stability and slightly better throw.
Too bad that no SMO replacement reflector ( at all: any replacement reflector ) is available from Skilhunt store. :frowning:

Flash Sale, H03C headlamp 41% OFF

Free Face Masks

If you need face masks and make sure you can receive it (Not to be intercepted by customs), please specify in the order, then we will offer free face masks in order shipment.

Please note that we can’t process if customs intercepted parcel.

we prefer free flashlights. :smiley: :partying_face:


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What is the length of the cell?