SKILHUNT Offers │ New for EC series, Coming soon!

Is it also for the M300? :sunglasses:

For M400 and others

Cool! :smiley: :+1: I am hardly waiting for the new releases! :slight_smile:

50% OFF! Flash Sale

Does anybody have a working Code for the M150?

Either through their AliExpress store, else direct from

Unfortunately Banggood don’t stock the Hi-CRI emitter version.
Please PM if you have any useable code - the BLF10 code mentioned by the OP won’t apply to my basket with this light.

Ta as always!

Just to mention there is a thread about the M150 having a high discharge rate in lock out mode.

Does the M300 take 21700’s?

New Release!

M300 XHP35 2000 Lumens EDC Powerful Flashlight

And Limited Sale for New model! Order may be shipped on the first week of May.

Love the products! Thanks!

That was a good deal, but I’m too late :frowning:

Still available :wink:

Was hoping the M300 would of taken a 21700.

M400 model will use 21700 :slight_smile:

Please give more some spoiler. :smiley:
SST70? Appearance? Release? :sunglasses:

:+1: Yes, you are right!, it is SST70

Cool! I am dieing to see it. :smiley:

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50% OFF Sale!