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M300 Flashlight Testing

I voted the group B but some of our colleagues voted group A, it is hard to decide here……Which group you prefer?


Group B with even more selectable levels. :smiley:

I agree the B too

Group A: The swirls are very distinctive. That’s my favourite type of knurling.

I can see that design B is also made from swirls but with additional horizontal lines across the circumference. However unless inspected closely this could just look like regular diamond-cut knurling.

B. Better grip.

i like A, looks like a more premium finish

Option A:

- looks better;

- will probably wear less than B

  • won’t probably provide nicer grip

Option B:

- more “common” knurling

- anodizing will wear more than A because it has more contact points

  • will provide better grip

Once this is a “twisty”, I guess B will be a better option, so I vote B ! :nerd_face:
But I do like more the looks of A :innocent:

Option B

Option A

Ok. After seeing this photo I am for B. It doesn’t look like a standard knurling.

I like the looks of A better. Seems more premium to me, maybe due to a more clearly visible pattern.

I totally agree with this description and vote.

"B" is my vote but really like the distinctive looks of "A".

I’m tempted by the details in “B”, but my vote goes to “A” for the classy look


I also like “B”, for the “traditional knurling”, but… I’m now leaning towards “A” for the better aesthetics & also easier to clean grip. When debris gets caught in grooves, the traditional type is a little harder to clean.


I choose A design in red. Very pretty :heart_eyes: