SKK RAY - 4000 Lumen 3*T6 818 LED 3 Model Memory Flashlight(2*18650)

Anyone see this new SkyRay that just went up?


Sorry I searched first and didn't see it on here, probably should let this thread die then.

is it just me that cant belive people are still gambling with the sky rays ?

i wonder why people dont like trying the TR-3T6 constant current buck plus bost driver with a good screw in that will handle long run times.

you can buy spare driver if needed but you should not need it Triple T6 Cree Circuit Board Driver you can use the cail cap switch, bezel, glass lense, o-rings and extention tube from the TR-1200 if you damage the light externaly

there is two modles

TrustFire TR-3T6 Triple XM-L T6 5-Modes Memory LED Flashlight (3x18650)

TrustFire TR-3T6 Triple XM-L T6 5 Modes LED Flashlight (2x18650)

you can run the light for 60 min's no worries but it might be a tad less bright but should give you longer run times

there is a thread here

After reading the above post I had to make sure my 818 was still working. I held my breth and closed my eyes and yes then there was light and lots of it. So far so good for mine.

after reading the above comment it makes we wonder for "how long" and if it can run for an hour

When i click on the link in the first post it says Oh no! Looks like the product you are looking for is no longer available ?

Any way i think this will be the bee,s knee,s

TrustFire TR-J12 Cree XM-L T6 5-LED 4500-Lumen 5-Mode Memory Flashlight - Black Aluminum Alloy Finish (2*26650/3*18650)

ive got one comming its its like my TR-3T6 i have i think i love it