Sky Ray 856...? Impressions?

I really liked the look of this light. I also have been waiting for reviews due to the tailcap and driver base not having any springs. I wasn't sure which 26650 batteries would work and fit correctly in it. Maybe those 4stevens button tops would be fine assuming the battery tube is long enough to fit the extra length of them.

Thats also an area of concern for those of you running protected cells. Theres no +B spring, so the -B tailcap plug-spring is left by itself to try and adjust for cell length variation.

My thoughts exactly. I was also looking into those 3 lights you mentioned, and I, like you, also think that for an extra $10 SR-856 sounds more promising and a better deal, especially because although I like the STL-V2 for example I would prefer to go for a 26650 light and not a 18650 one.... in terms of throws, how does the STL-V2 compare to the HD2010 with is a 26650?

True you need good batteries and not cheap ones, this "rule" applies everywhere where power is needed (being a computer guy I really hate to hear someone getting cheap when buying a PSU for his PC for example ).

My understanding is they are both very close... ~45K Lux ballpark. But I dont own both lights.

Just an observation, I noticed on a clearer photo the manufacturer placed a blob of solder on the positive contact. I suppose initially during their testing it wasn't making good contact with certain flat top batteries?

Just thought of something else... even if its only 7A shared across 3 LEDs, thats still 7 / 3 = 2.3A per LED.

According to this thread here

The T6 flux BIN makes ~750 Lumens at this current, so thats still ~2250 (cool & longer running) bulb Lumens. In a host this small thats not necessarily a bad thing.

+1 on that.

This website shows information regarding current regulation.

Circuitry: Digital Regulated 2200mA~2800 Current Output

2.2-2.8A per LED is perfect for a light this size. Have you ever bought form this seller before? They have some really good prices. I am assuming they charge extra for shipping?... I created an account, filled out an order and the shipping cost is not visible until the very last "Confirm Order" stage.



never mind I found my answer here...

Heres the bestinone product page...

IIRC, it may have been the Shadow JM05 that had the issue with the battery tube being to short to handle certain 26650's or button tops, or protected cells or something. I don't want to run into the same possible issue with this Skyray 856.

I emailed Ric and Merry over at CNQ to ask if they can try all their different types of 26650's they sell and see what actually works and what doesn't. The Trustfire TR-J12 or the newer versions with more XM-L's are nice and can make use of 2 or 3 batteries, but I think for now I'm looking for something like the 856 that is designed to use 2 exclusively.

If Ric comes back with the correct answers for me, I'll place an order for the 856.

Anyone know what the color tint of an XM-L T6 1-C is?

I have no personal experience, but I would assume its somewhere between 1A and 3C...

pics taken from the City Cat M6....

I have no personal experience, but I would assume its somewhere between 1A and 3C…

pics taken from the City Cat M6.... [/quote]

Kramer, thanks for the photo. It should be fine for what I'm looking for. I'll post Ric's response as soon as I hear from him.

Hi folks, Ric got back to me very quickly. Below is a quote from him regarding what works with the Skyray 856 and also allow the tail cap to screw on correctly. He provided two battery links from his website.

"Skyray 856 2x26650 fit the Knot Top 26650 and Trustfire 26650 well. Kingkong has no button tops, so it's not recommended."

I'm hoping this light will be driven hard enough to at least equal what the DRY is on HIGH mode. I'm sure nothing around will equal it on TURBO. Hopefully I'll have it in about a week and let you know if it has "teeth" or not. The 856 will be my first 2x26650 light, so I'm looking forward to it. It'll be driven with either 2 Trustfire protected 26650's or 4stevens protected 26650's.

DX has it now, too.

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Thank you, guys. Have been lurking around some time.

Thanks Richie!!

Can you check the low modes for visible PWM? Thats a key issue with me, as I am very sensitive to that. That element has kept the Skyray king off my list.

Hey Kramer, you can count on it. You'll have the answer sometime later during the week.