Sky Ray King 6x XM-L2, modded, vs car headlights

I am aware of the seven modes as I carefully read the description Richard gave for the lights when he offered them for sale. At the price for a modified light with it’s features I consider it a steal. I also have two M6 lights in the same shipment, a level 1 and a level 2. Interesting to compare the three.

I also have a stock M6 and both a SRK and a Securitying 3 LED stock lights to compare and play with. Both the SRK and Securitying are 5 mode lights with 3 light levels plus strobe and SOS so presumably recent production. At least they do not rattle when shaken like one SRK pictured in a thread on CPF. The rattling one also does not lockout due to bad or missing anodizing on the threads and the machining detail is very visibly different.

So far of my 4 parallel cell stubby lights I think that the BlackShadow Terminator shows the best construction. For the price it normally costs it should!

where did you buy the 70N02??
I cant find it anywhere

what do you think?

is this OK??

Yes they are hard to come by now. There are other FETs that will do as well. Which ones I do not know. I still have a small stash of the 70N02 that I use.
Perhaps someone that knows will jump in.

Amazing! I have tried holding my 2-3 amp C8 out the window, you could probably drive with it, but it’s not as bright as headlights.

What light is that? How many amps and emitters (and which emitters)?

Oh nvm, its in the thread title. Any idea how many amps? :smiley:

18A with NOS laptop pulls
IMR cells will produce even more, but I haven’t tried that. I don’t want to take a chance blowing the light. All LED’s are still on the stock aluminum MCPCB (copper would be better) and I fear the copper traces on it couldn’t stand the extra current. Others here have gone way beyond what is in this light.

Soo what do you think?

is this OK??
Is like vishy 70n02?
Can I order it?

Lol! I didn’t think I was a flashaholic, but I think I turned the lights off lol! Country road.

18A over 4 cells, that’s not bad. 4.5A per cell.

You are not ignored but there's not many folks at BLF who can answer this question. Anyone?


My problem is that I do not necessarily trust some sellers to actually be selling what they say they are. In other words, maybe there are now fake 70N02’s in the market place. If he bought a fake 70N02 he could end up with an FET that offers no benefit over the one now in place.

Here is a link to the FET sold by Mountain Electronics that is a direct replacement for the 70N02. You can trust that this one will work well.
International Rectifier IRFR3711ZTRPBF N Channel MOSFET - DPAK-2

I never think that this is possible. I didnt even think about it…
I was looking on ebay:

but if you say that there are fake versions…maybe you have right.