Slim and smooth aaa torch,,, where are you?

I’m looking for a smooth slim flashlight to customise the exterior and then use as an EDC,the lumens are not important as it’s only for occasional use but I would like it to have an end clicky if possible and for it to be cheap. I would be eternally grateful for your help :slight_smile:

This is a Fenix LD01 after I ripped it and I want to do something similar again

Wow, that looks pretty darn cool! Nice job.

Search for cqg s1 on cnqualitygoods, it’s very slim, from steel and has clickie

Thanks for that but nobody seems to have stock :frowning:

FastTech have these (not sure how good they are though):

Or if you don’t mind a bit bigger there is the Yezl S7/Aurora SH-036 (and some other brands I can’t recall right now).

Thanks Chloe, I’ve ordered one, at that price how could I not :slight_smile:

Nice work !

AAA - Trustfire F23 and
AA - Trustfire F22

Thanks Suncoaster I’ve ordered one of those as well

Stop now please I’ve run out of cash!!