Small and inexpensive AAA

I give away a lot of lights to people who would not normally carry a flashlight in their purse or pocket. I have bought several Tank 007 TK-701 lights off ebay with prices ranging from $4.75-$7.25. Recently the price has increased significantly. I like to give these to people in my Dr’s offices, and others that I deal with often.

Does anyone know of a similar priced and quality light for less than $7.00?


The gearbest Stainless steel 1 mode light for 6$ is a very commonly gifted light .everyone i've given them to seems pleased with them .

I like the 701 as well but like you said the price is at or around 10$ these days

The Black Cat is $ 8.55 from Dx. It is cheaper from Kaidomain but theirs tend not to work on arrival. It is similar to a one mode Tank007, maybe even identical. Its anodizing scratches easily. I gave two of mine away and took the reflector out of the third for an SS-5039.
Dx sells a three mode Tank007 driver.

screw everything increasing in pricing even on cheap stuffs…

you can get Hugsby XP-1, XPE emitter, brighter and but throwier than TK-701, available in single or double AAA for only around 5 bucks on ebay, which is currently having its price dropped significantly to a very low range comparing back to one year ago when i looked them up, i already got myself one last week.

Thanks, Keron,
I think I will get a couple and take a look. The price is right and the Hugsby lights I have are good.

Does this have a hole to install a ring for keychain use?

C8 mini for some hard modding :slight_smile: can be had for <3$

It does not. I had 2, kids lost one first time they did a sleepover. Ordered 3 more but haven’t received them yet.
A lanyard hole would be nice, can’t put a lanyard on the clip because it’ll slide right off.

Can standard Alkalines be used in this? Is the price the same? I realize I am llate.

Alkaline 1.5v, NiMH 1.2v, Energizer primary lithium all work fine.

The old Preon ring is perfect, wish those were still available — goes around the tailcap perfectly, hangs out just a tiny little tab suitable for putting a lanyard or split ring through.

Thanks. I assume the price is about $6 and the buy is still open. I am not versed in GB. How do I do it?

Jexree AAA is very nice for the $, about $5. You can find them on Aliexpress. Comes with:

Glass lens
Al reflector
Lanyard/keyring hole
Al bezel
Very bright

It is a good lookin’ light available in different colors.

They will also do custom engraving and plastic, magnetic closure gift boxes. I just got some funfraiser lights in from them, and I am pretty impressed. They also did a custom maroon color for me.

These sure sound tempting as stocking stuffers. Anyone else tried these?