Small Sun – ZY-T08 Best of both worlds (beamshots uploaded)

Very nice build and thread. Congrats and thank you for sharing. :)

Holy crap. That is beautiful; your mirror polished parts are always breathtaking. I’ve seen something similar to the blue rings before; I think It’s caused by the AR coating on the glass. I have a 20mm AR lens with an unknown origin, and it projects a blue ring of light from it for some strange reason.

Here are some beamshots. Pictures don’t do the justice but that is the best I could do with my limited photograph skills.

Also did current measurements:
Low low - 0.12A
Low - 0.18A
Mid - 1.14A
High - 3.27A
Turbo - 11.10A

1. White wall

2. Control 1 (lots of street light, distance 70 meters)

3. Beamshot 1

4. Control 2 (distance 25 meters)

5. Beamshot 2

Cheers :beer:

Nice build! How long did the polishing take?

Is the ZY-T08 tail switch only, or dual switch? I thought I saw somewhere that newer models have an E-switch.

Good work Cula

Hi Mike,

Polishing took several hours, lots of corners, hard to get places , sharp edges. Very difficult task, especially cooling fins. It came out very nice but far from perfect.

ZY-T08 is a tail switch only.

I think there is another similar model with the side switch but there is something wrong with it (something glued, cannot be taken apart if my memory serves me right). There is a review on this forum but I can’t find it anymore.

Thanks, good to know. I have an old one with a tail switch which I converted to 2S for a MT-G2. I found it too large for tail-switch only so I mounted a side E-switch, so now it’s dual switch.

Nice lighted basketball court you have there! You could start a night league. :smiley:

Amazing build you have there, and it sure takes lotsa patience to achieve this! :beer: