SMALL SUN ZY-T13 18,28$ "group buy " @ wallbuys

It says group buy, but If you proceed you get the possibility to pay the sales price with paypal. I believe this is basically a normal sale… But due to Chinese new year, they call it a group buy since shipping will be delayed until until 21. feb (or maybe a bit later).
The offer should be available for more than 2 weeks so good time to think…

As far as I can see. The best contenders to this light are

Considering throw for the buck. Are they really worth the extra $??
I don’t have a thrower. I dont have a side switch light either… I dont really need one, but would be nice to try. And I know that I at one point will buy one. I would probably prefer one of the shorter models above… but for the price this seems to be a bargain…
Based on other threads, this should be easy to mod with resistor (if right driver). And could maybe be a nice de-doming project too for extra throw…

Tempting, tempting…

I don’t know much about these things… What does it mean when it says in the title “1200LM” ? I thought that would be Lumens, but then in the description it says 350 Lumens.


Go to Home Depot and buy SKU #639226 Defiant Super Thrower

Small Sun ZY-T08 or T13?
title says t08, but link is for a T13

Chinese lumen claims are usually way off. In most cases the claims are unrealistic high. In some cases 2-3 times higher than claimed or printed on the lights…
It all depends on how well the light is driven (how much amps the led are getting.)

Scaru have written some articles. Check this out: Cree, Luminus, Seoul Semiconductor, and Nichia LED comparison
In short: XM-L LEDS are usually up to 1000 lumen if driven quite hard in high mode (3 amps).

No homedepot here…
It is also more expensive, too big, and have some plastic parts… I would prefer one of the lights in my first posts…

Fixed title. Sorry about the mix-up…
Moved the thread to a more suitable sub-forum too.


and takes C batteries :Sp

Just ordered one. This will be the first larger sized flashlight since my obsession started a few weeks ago. Ordered a couple of cheap xml flashlights to dip my toes in, now addicted. Keeping my eyes peeled for more cheap newb flashlights to buy haha.

Only 2 hours and 43 min left…

Anybody have suggestions for a good first pair of batteries for this?

battery tube is pretty long on mine - CGR18650CH unprotected rattle a bit and the light goes on and off

I bought one a few minutes ago - the homepage show expirde, but if you click buy it, you get linked to paypal.

Mine too. I really like the light but I need to use two protected cells and they still rattle a bit.

I like the forward clicky and the fact it always comes on in high. There are other modes if you need them but they don’t interfere with it being a single mode high output thrower.

I fitted a rubber cigar grip ring to mine and it made it better. For the first time I am reaching for this light instead of my beloved MPP-1 Solarforce with 2-18650 extension.

It’s a good light but the tube is too long and too large of a diameter. Makes for a sloppy fit with some batteries.

Hi Buwuve,

did they say something to you about your expired offer order, or shipped the item as normal?

Because this group buy offer is still there and I would order one of them if you hadn’t problem with that.

They shipped it out and send me a trackingnumber.
But I ordered only some hours after the group buy had expired - now it is over for a few days. I don’t know what happens now.

I think if the group buy is complete closed you do not get the paypal link and couldn’t pay.

Thanks a lot… Those are very good prices, so… Perhaps Wallbuys is a correct site, so in the worst case, they will refund me the money. :slight_smile:

I sent them an email, so, the group buy offer is open again. :slight_smile:

What the *ell boys are playing there?
Somebody has to be walk to terminal with that stuffs or what?

Has anybody show up anything :wink: maybe a light?

2/19/2013 PM Instant Order ReceivedOrder has been received. Order appears to be paid.
2/20/2013 AM Collecting Products NowProcessing.
2/22/2013 PM Package Shipped

Thanks again!

Thanks for extending offer I really want this light but have to wait till payday